A number of inappropriate images were added to the Japanese wayspot in the Global Review Challenge

The Global Review Challenge has been completed. However, there were many inappropriate review results with the addition of images.
Pokémon Inc. installs Pokémon-designed items throughout Japan with the aim of promoting tourism and contributing to the town’s economy. A typical example is the Pokélid. So, look at this image.

This is not a wayspot of Pokélid, but a wayspot of the countdown board and the station square. (I think the title of this wayspot is also strange.) It has become popular among some trainers to insert an image with the target wayspot in the background and the Pokélid in the foreground. The problem is that many such image additions have been approved, probably after the Global Review Challenge.

Next is the post office wayspot. In front of this post office is a “Piplup Post”. This is a limited time fixture that will be in place at this post office until June 2026. Please check the next picture.

The following image of this post box has been added to the wayspot of the post office. Although this is a post office fixture, this is not an image of the post office, but of the post. A similar image existed before, but was removed.

Note that this issue is not limited to items designed with Pokémon. Images were also submitted with the wayspot in the background and items designed by anime and game characters as the main focus, as well as images with the wayspot in the background and cherry blossoms in bloom in the spring as the main focus. Some trainers submit images of stuffed animals placed in wayspots. In the worst case, some trainers plugged the manhole cover of an anime character installed in Toyama Prefecture into the wayspot of a manhole cover in Gunma Prefecture, which is completely remote. But these too had their images accepted.

Such addition of images has resulted in trainers being suspended for 30 days. I am sure that not many of you on this forum are unaware that such images do not meet the criteria. However, there are many reviewers who have a limited understanding of the criteria, which is why these images have been added. Since this was added immediately after the Global Review Challenge, I thought it necessary to inform the reviewers around the world and started this topic.
Next, I have a request for the Wayfarer team. There are many trainers who apply to add images to PokéStops just for fun. They have no intention of altering wayspots.Please do not take severe action the first time, but only issue a warning. Because of the severe measures taken, people are hesitant to report inappropriate images even if they find them. In addition, please communicate to the Pokémon GO team to issue a warning before adding an application in the application and an official social networking announcement. Pokémon GO Fest Sendai is over, but unfortunately, images of Pokélids in wayspots in Sendai City and Miyagi Prefecture and images of event decorations at Sendai Station have been submitted. Please have Niantic proactively notify trainers that such manipulation is inappropriate.