Add remove requests to contribution page

I want to suggest, that ingame removing requests be added to our contribution page.
There it would be good when we could give additional evidence (photos, videos, links …) and track the progress. Maybe appeal every one time if rejected.

In my opinion this can avoid the frustrating situation of always rejected reports and appeal them only by public presenting.
Plus more structure in this process.

I definitely would like to have the reports on the contribution page. Would be great to have an option on there to add a dialogue box to insert links and more information. Perhaps they aren’t on there as they all go to Niantic, or I assume, for review.

However, there are not enough appeals available to also encourage them to allow appeals through there. They added 1 more when they moved to appeals for edits on there. So it would only be 1 more they would add if they did this and it’s obvious how many wayspot appeals are posted frequently for reports.

Yes it is nice to not publicly display this, but people can also use the “Wayspot Removals” tab at the top of the forum. However, it allows transparency and you can see Niantic’s response or get feedback and information from other forum users.
It would be better to have an anonymous ability to post in Wayspot Appeals
I think if you are a frequent reporter, such as I am, then people will just know anyhow. I report school and daycare wayspots, as well as wayspots that are removed. In an area I haven’t been to, depending on how long I am there I can find a handful of invalid wayspots easily that need removal as well as many new possible nominations. Unfortunately, it takes 2-3x longer for the nominations to go through than the removals.

Perhaps Niantic needs to redo their process for reports. If they are only using streetview that is outdated it doesn’t help. As well, they need to allow an open text box or perhaps “doesn’t meet criteria” as a removal request option.

Hi @TheOneXanthippe
Thanks for your thoughts on this.
I don’t do it often, not nearly as you :sweat_smile:, but the process annoys me.
For the appeal thing I felt while writing that this need more thoughts and after your response I edited my post above.
I think it is easy to different a removal task from edits and nominations, so they can programming that we can appeal every rejected removal request one time.

I don’t think, that the fact that removals only be reviewed by Niantic themselves, could be the problem. They can put theire ballon on it :woman_shrugging:t2:

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this is quite controversial and could result in unintended consequences but I partially agree.

Yes I agree as well. Would just like an alternative option.