Advice on my nomination

Not sure if i am doing something wrong or that im overlooking criteria

Is there a way that i can re write this nomination or take different photos that might make it eligible?

Can you share your title too? And the rejection reason?

Is the tree in someones garden? If so then it’s not eligible due to private property. If it’s shared land or a public verge then its fine.

How did the iguana get there? What’s it made of, do we know who created it? Those details could help your nomination.

I think the main picture should be like 75% iguana and a lot less tree too - that will also help. The supporting picture looks fine.

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It looks like a random ornament someone bought from a garden store and attached to a tree in their garden. It’s also not visible on street view or satellite view, so even if wasn’t on private residential property, you’d have a very hard time proving your case. It would still fall under the temporary/seasonal rejection criteria if that was the case though, as it seems like it can be very easily removed. My advice would be to try to find something else to submit, personally.


Its along a public walk way at top of stairs frome combe lane,
I believe the tree is in council land as i have seen them trimming it but to be honest i dont know if that is just courtesy.
The iguana looks like wood carving looks too iregular to be much else. Its just something thats been there a while and my kid points on way home from school.

Yeah, but it looks as if the walkway might have gardens backing onto it? Or some kind of green space. Is it gardens, or something else?

As @hankwolfman mentions, this does look like an item someone has bought and nailed to a tree.
If this is a legitimate sanctioned artwork, you’d have to provide some official evidence of that to convince me that it was legitimate and not stuck here temporarily.
Also we can’t see the title and your description is lacking some capitalisation and punctuation. You probably need a bit more in the supporting to convince reviewers this is legitimate and explain which critera it meets.

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Im confused. Murals on the side of privately owned houses that could be painted over in five minutes is perminent but a carving fixed (one way or another) in a tree isnt, its been there for quite a long time. If it cant be eligible as there is no street veiw or satelite veiw then i give up with it just figured it was something a little different and a bit of fun.

Thanks for the advise

There are front gardens running along there but the tree is to the path side of the wall.

Murals on the side of Single Family Private Residential Property are not eligible, and if you know of any you should report them for removal.

Ineligible points of interest do get wrongly accepted sometimes, and it makes it very confusing for people who are new to Wayfarer to submit. And the private property rule only applying to “single family residential” is also confusing. To submitters and to reviewers.


Indeed, permanence is relative, that’s why random graffiti is generally not eligible but proper sanctioned murals that will be maintained are much better submissions.
That said, as @cyndiepooh points out, if something is on a single family residence, even the outer wall, it’s usually ineligible. The rules and messaging are unfortunately a minefield so it’s not surprising that you are finding the process confusing, these things really could be a lot clearer.

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Murals on the side of single family private residences aren’t eligible, because they violate the private residential property rule. Some get incorrectly accepted, but you shouldn’t use what you see accepted as a basis for what is and isn’t eligible.

In this case because the street view and satellite view are the way they are, all we have to go on are your pictures, and that tree certainly seems to be growing on the opposite side of a fence to where the footpath is. If the other side of the fence is someone’s garden, then it would be ineligible.


Thanks for the advise i will give up on attempting to get it admitted. Since the iguana was over the path side of the fence i didnt think it would matter as its accessable to public passers by. I hoped that this one would get through as its on my walking route to the kids school and all the others are out the way

Hi @k2skaterdan
The SFPRP (single family private residential property) rule is quiet strict:

Private Residences, Farmland & K-12

“Single-family private residential properties (SFPRP), farms, and K-12 (schools or facilities primarily focused for persons under 18 years of age) are ineligible. This includes the outer facing facade, fence of these locations, and property boundaries.”

I add a thread for you, where you can get a feeling how strict: