Should i nominate this?

Its a public garden with a bench and some nice flowers surrounded by a fence. These arent my photos, i took them off google maps just so you lot get a better understanding of what im explaining. If i should nominate it should i do the whole garden or just the bench as it looks slightly artistic (even though you can probably buy it in the local garden centre)


I would easily accept that bench as it is a beautiful piece of art.


£60 at B&Q :upside_down_face:


Thought so. Should i nominate the garden or just leave it than

It probably depends if you can find enough support to show what it is?

There’s nothing. I’ll probably try it once and if it gets rejected then oh well

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I would definitely nominate it, the bench. I’d only use the bench as the flowers may change throughout the seasons or council may change them to different ones. Looks like a relaxing location


I would focus on the bench. Too much of the flowers and if ML picks it up, it might be auto-reject. I had a stone rock bench auto-rejected multiple times I just gave up.

Looks like a nice little place to sit.


So I would describe it as a pocket park - it’s a name that is becoming more common. And for supporting this idea of small green spaces is to be environmentally friendly and to improve the health of residents by creating green space.
I would definitely have the bench as the focus as that makes it a place people could take their coffee and natter. And although a B&Q bargain it does make a nice focus.


I would nominate it, and would vote positively on this if I saw it for review

I would focus mainly on the bench with a wider shot of the whole area for the supporting information

I think its eligible as a place to explore as its a really pretty space and somewhere nice to walk to. The bench design really fits the space its in

If its from B&Q then I’d assume most of these would be in private gardens, it certainly isnt something I’ve ever seen before and unique enough in this particular public setting surrounded by such a lovely little garden

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Rymans do it for £51

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Thats not colourful though, so if someone painted it then its a bit different

I think the bench is the anchor for the little park though, so its not all about the bench


Hand painted bench not from B & Q would work then.

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I think the addition of a little park surrounding it is better than the addition of a small plaque :wink:

Much better :slight_smile:

Probably harder for @NotASmurfTorb to get accepted though :confused:


Probably doesn’t help that its a memorial bench for someone


Is it on a trail path?

Funnily enough its next to a national cycle network route, not on the route though. If i was in usa i wouldve nominated the memorial bench :rofl:


It would help if you could find out who put the bench, fence and garden there, and why. Then include a link in supporting info. Maybe the city did it as part of a beautification project - putting pocket parks around town?

Maybe the nomination could be a mini-park (or ‘pocket park’ as someone mentioned, great term - will remember that!)? :slightly_smiling_face:
As far as I remember we can now nominate parks even if there aren’t signs. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
A small public park / community park / rest area…thing. It could def. work. If you could get similar photos (sunshine and flowers can lift any nomination lol) and perhaps take the main photo from what seems to be the gate to the park in the front, that could be quite good actually.
I say go for it.