Photo edits - photos displaying

When reviewing photos, only 1 of the ones displayed will ever be one that is live on the wayspot. All others will be under review to be added.

As for this issue generally, it’s always been known and “working as intended” since edits were added to the review flow. Edits are usually “bundled” together such that any pending edit for a wayspot will be shown along with all the others. For this reason, it is difficult to exclude anyone who submitted one of those edits. For one thing, if multiple people submit an edit for the same wayspot you could theoretically reduce the available pool of reviewers too much. And also, if you’re truly picking the “best” option then perhaps you don’t even pick your own because someone else did a better job.

It’s possible that things change now and the team considers this a bug but I kind of hope they don’t.

No, that’s not true with photos. Say a Wayspot has 4 photos that have been submitted, and all 4 have been approved. The one with the most upvotes usually will be the main image. If someone uploads a new image, you will receive the 4 previous images to review, along with the newly uploaded image, so 5 in total. All approved images can been seen in-game, not just the main image.

You are reviewing the photos to make sure that all that have been uploaded meet the photo criteria. The main things to look for is any offensive/explicit content, or anything that can identify someone, such as a face or license plate. There are other reasons you can reject, but they all fall under the Other category, instead of the 3 separate for offensive, explicit, and personal info.

Immediately after submitting this, Aaron moved it to be investigated and escalated. I think since we weren’t able to see our edits in the past, it wasn’t an issue, but now that edits are in Contribution Management, we can provide proof with screenshots, which we couldn’t before.

Also, the description edit I submitted is in error, as I used the old name for the park, which Google Maps still had listed, not the current name. The title was rejected by Niantic, but it still needs to be corrected, as it’s not at the high school across the street from this park complex. Just another reason why we need the option to edit edits or withdraw them.

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I’m 99% sure this is not true ever and in fact it is definitely not true for wayspots with very high numbers of photos.

For example, the Space Needle in Seattle has more than the 50 photo max that display in pokemon go. 2 years ago after gofest ended in seattle i received photo reviews for it 2 times. In each occasion there was the 1 highest voted photo and all the other options were not currently live on the wayspot.

I can spot check some of my recent photo reviews if you still don’t believe me. and if you have counter examples i would love to see them.

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I typically have photo reviews with 2-5 photos to review, so it may be an exemption for very popular places with large numbers of photos, but for places with few photos, it’s all the photos that have been submitted. I review many photos for rural Wayspots, and there usually are very few to review.

Reviewing 50 or more at a time wouldn’t be fun; reviewing 3 or 4 is a breeze.

Oh, and here’s my most recent photo review I got:

I don’t know if we’re hyper fixating on photos, but this contribution review most definitely does not include every Wayspot photo.

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Very first one I checked (screenshot is from the plugin showing my review history), review has only 2 photos:

here’s what’s on the portal:

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I just had another with about 8 photos to review. I don’t play Ingress, so I can’t look up what is listed with it, but Ingress isn’t the database anymore, Lightship it.

This really should be a separate topic, as it has nothing to do with the bug I reported.

You’re right, it should be a separate topic. but my very next review was this

If you’d like we can split topic.

Also if you’d like we can definitely spot check a few on the Lightship app - it’ll be more accurate than Ingress, too.

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Please. It really isn’t something I was planning on discussing anyways. I just want to keep this to the issue at hand, which is getting my own edits in reviews.