An objection against a candidate who has been rejected

Please provide:

  • A screenshot of your nomination, including rejection reasons if it has already been rejected
  • Include the title, description, both photos, and supplemental information
  • Copy and paste the title, description and supplemental so others can translate them
  • If you feel comfortable please share the location, as it is helpful (i.e. hidden duplicates), but you can mask it if you wish.

Appeal for the candidate was rejected, but the reason is that it is a general sign. However, it also serves as a sign indicating that the back is a university computer center. On this basis, similar stops around it were approved. This type of sign is placed at each important base in this university campus, and it also serves as a direction sign while notifying the importance of the location. It is not just a general direction sign. Please review it again.

-rejection screenshot-

-sign for this compiting center-

  • similar candidates already approved-

Hello @ko4756
I am going to move this to nomination support as this is not the sort of appeal this area is meant for.
People may be able to give you some feedback but you need to understand that seeing similar wayspots approved in your area doesn’t mean they are valid. I’m not saying yours is not, but maybe other people cna help you more than me.

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