Appeal/Change gym location?

Near me is a gym which is located in a “private” playground in a neighborhood, as in you have to drive into this townhouse subdivision to access it and you must be a resident of this neighborhood to utilize the playground. It’s not gated, and anyone can legally drive into the neighborhood to spin the stop and battle the gym but I don’t since I would consider that rude to the people who live there and obviously nobody else does because Pokemon are regularly sitting in the gym for multiple days, one has been there for almost six day currently.

Now, just across the road from this gym is actually the community center, which is on the main road and is freely accessible to anyone who lives in the city, as well as a community playground that is open and free to the public. Both the community center and playground have pokestops at them.

I feel like it would make much more sense for the private playground to be downgraded to a regular pokestop and the public playground or community center to become the local gym. Is there a way to recommend or initiate this process?

You can try to get more wayspots to force a new gym. If there are not more possible gyms in that cell, then there is no way to get that community center as a gym.

I don’t think there is much chance of getting Niantic to make such a change.

Since the ‘private playground’ sounds like it is a valid Wayspot, albeit not ideal for everybody, and doesn’t break any rules, there is no basis for its removal. That’s as far as the Wayfarer group will look.

The Pokemon Go group make their own rules and decide for themselves which Wayspots will become gyms when there are two, five or however many Pokestops in a single level 14 S2 cell.

Perhaps the owner of the private property could request that the Wayspot revert to a pokestop, to reduce traffic and loitering? If agreed to, this could cause some other spot to become a gym, but neither you nor the owner would be given a choice of which stop would be promoted.