The gym turns into a pokestop

Hello everyone, there is a problem with the Gym In Pokemon go

A few days ago, near me had a Gym with a photo of about 20 likes. and today it became a pokestop and the number of Likes on that photo completely disappeared, the old image disappeared and was replaced by someone’s new image. and there is a pokestop nearby that has become a gym. I checked and there are a lot of duplicate images on that new gym with about 10 likes.

I am sure that there are no wayspots deleted or moved in that cell 14 area.

This person actually reset the wayspot making it look like a new wayspot, how did this person do that?

Hey there, this really isn’t a Wayfarer issue. As no one here can help you with a Pokemon Go specific issue. Each game has it’s own inclusion criteria and Pokemon Go has it’s own rules for what is a gym and what is a stop.

I wish there was more I could recommend for you, but that’s about all.

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I would agree that this isn’t Wayfarer related EXCEPT that PokemonGo photo likes are stored on Wayfarer - and affect which photo is shown for applications outside PoGo, like reviewing , Mission creating and more.

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Attempting to manipulate which Pokéstop becomes a Gym is considered abuse. The amount of identical photos on the Wayspot in your picture definitely seems abusive and it might be worth getting @NianticAaron to look into it.

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I reported it and they deleted the pictures, but that Wayspot is still a gym. Is there any way to return the gym to the wayspot used to be a gym before ?

That would be a pokemon go issue and not a wayfarer issue. However, I heard it is frowned upon to manipulate which places become gyms, although people know how it works.
You would have to contact pokemon go, but I don’t think they would change that. It isn’t cool that the wayspot was spammed with photos, but I would leave it be now it is a gym.

Can you explain the mechanism by which that person turns a Gym into a pks, thank you very much. I really wonder about it

Just look into more information online. Start here

I know the way it used to work, but I have heard that things changed with the lightship introduction.
I do know that a wayspot locally which was expected to turn into a gym on two occasions did not and that is because it is a showcase stop. Not sure if there are other restrictions. The first time a new gym popped there was an active showcase, but the second time a new one popped up there was not. :woman_shrugging:
Honestly, I personally think it’s best to just have random gyms pop up.

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I have merged posts from a separate topic into this one to keep it all together.

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I read the article, but I still don’t really understand.
The wayspot that used to be the gym before became a completely new wayspot, like it was deleted and added back to the map.
I want the gym back and protect it in the future. Because it seems like someone spoofed and did this to intentionally move the gym away from the city center, making it difficult for the players.

If you would like us to look into this then please provide the name of the wayspot and location (co ordinates are good). We might not be able tell what has happened exactly.

It sounds like the original was removed which would trigger a recalculation in the area. And then a new submission made and accepted, created a new wayspot at the old location.

If that is the case then there is nothing you can do. The recalcultoion and assignment of stop or gym has taken place.
All of the selection of wayspots and what they become in a game takes place outside of Wayfarer.
If you try to alter Wayspots in Wayfarer in order to manipulate what appears in a game then that is considered abusive behaviour by Niantic as a whole and your game account could be subject to punishment.


Just to add to all the other theories, there are options for property owners to request the downgrade or removal of gyms/wayspots on their property. No idea if this is what happened here, but this doesn’t have to involve spoofing or anything like that, removal requests can be made remotely.

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Wayspot name: Tượng Tỳ Hưu trắng
Location: 12.69032,108.05688
This wayspot used to be a gym about 4 days ago.I also think like you, maybe someone deleted the old wayspot and created a new wayspot easily. Please check if that is correct? Thank you

It looks likely the first portal with the Kaffe mural became a gym during the period of time that you say the second wayspot had gone. So that when a wayspot appeared through at the second location again it couldn’t become a gym.
Hope it helps a little