Appeal rejected removal: Warsaw

  • Wayspot Title:
  • Location (lat/lon): links above
  • City: Warsaw
  • Country: Poland
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

    (and similar e-mails for each wayspot)
  • Additional Information (if any): All those wayspots are inside gated communities (named “Wiśniowy Sad” and “Viva Garden X”), which are literally walled or fenced. Strangers have no access to those spots.
    “Plac zabaw Viva Garden 2” wayspot behind a wall, visible from a public road (Daniszewska St.):

The gates to Viva Garden 2 community (just to show it’s gated) from the Białołęcka and Sygnetowa streets; the gates are locked and only the inhabitants have the key:

Fenced “Fontanna na placu zabaw” wayspot, visible from the same road:

“Zjeżdżalnia na Viva Garden 5”, visible from Sygnetowa St. Notice the fence on both sides (the road behind is Daniszewska St.).

Those wayspots are accessible only for inhabitants of those gated communities. Having such spots frustrates those of us who respect the local law and only encourages trespassing. Please remove them.

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Wayspots that are only accessible by people who are allowed to be there are perfectly legitimate.


The tool tip in the review flow even specifically calls out areas inside gated communities as eligible. Not every person has to be able to access every wayspot.


@TrangOul being in a gated community is not a reason to remove. Yes it feels frustrating if you can not access but there is no requirement for every wayspot to be accessible to everyone. If this is your only reason then the appeal is without foundation.


How this is different from the “no Private Residential Property” rule?

Unless I missed something, these are all multi-family shared amenities, not single-family PRP.


the tool tip there explains that it is single family private residential property

Can you clarify the definition of “private residential property?” Are multi-family residences included in this rejection reason? What about Wayspots that are within 40m of a private residence?
The considerations when looking at private residential property have not changed with the criteria refresh. Considering that multi-family residences like apartment complexes can have publicly accessible amenities (like playground equipment), these could still be eligible as long as they meet all of the acceptance criteria. Nominations that appear to be within 40m of private, single-family residential property should be very closely reviewed to make sure they are not on private residential property, and that they are accessible from locations not on private residential property.

From the tooltip under “Appropriate”, review page:


How does “publicly accessible” apply to locations that have limited access, like members-only clubs, gated communities, time-restricted areas?
Just like with the definition of private residential property, this guideline hasn’t changed. These locations would still be eligible, including restricted areas on the grounds of a company’s headquarters or behind locked gates so long as there wouldn’t be objections to you entering the area and the location is accessible to some folks. We do not expect all players to have access to all locations but we strongly recommend following real-world rules while attempting to access locations.


Thanks for the appeal, @TrangOul We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.