Approved POI not showing up in Pokémon Go

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I have an approved POI for new pokémon stop nomination and it is not showing up in the game? Do we know why that is? Is there an off the record rejection process?


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When you submit something, you’re submitting a wayspot for Niantic’s Lightship database, rather than a Pokéstop or a Portal or whatever game specific object that your game might make you think you’re submitting.

If your nomination is accepted, it gets added to the Lightship database, and then from there it will get checked against the different proximity rules that each of Niantic’s games use. This is why your acceptance email states this:

If you want to learn more about the proximity rule used in Pokémon Go, I suggest you search the internet for the Pokémon Go Hub Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells in Pokémon Go. In short, Pokémon Go has an invisible grid system, where each cell of the grid can only contain one Pokéstop or Gym. If you nominate a new wayspot in a cell that already contains a Pokéstop or Gym, then it won’t be able to appear in Pokémon Go. Other games have different proximity checks, so your wayspot may end up being used in some of those games.

If you provide the name and coordinates of the Wayspot, we can help give you a visual on why it doesn’t appear.


Thanks Hank for the detailed reply! I think the reason why there is no Pokestop is showing up is because of an existing one that’s there.

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