Approved pokestop not showing in pokémon go

I’ve got an e-mail in Jun 6th informing about an approved pokestop indication, but it does not appear in Pokémon go game. There has been more than a week, so the period of 48h is expired. What happened? It is called PARQUE DE ATIVIDADES DO TAUAPE in May 22, 2024.

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Here is an article that explains what might have happened:

Hi! You are actually nominating wayspots, not Pokestops. So you had your nomination accepted, which means it has gone into the Lightship database, then the Niantic games sync with this to add any new stops that also fulfil the game specific criteria.

In Pokemon Go, the rule is one Pokestop or gym in each S2 level 17 cell.

Is there another stop or gym relatively close by to the one you nominated? I don’t have access to a map that shows all stops, so I can’t check your coordinates. But I imagine it will be that there is already a stop in the same cell - sorry!

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yes, but not relatively close, and I have seen spots with 4 gyms and 7 pokestop much closer than the one that was approved.

Maybe in Zaragoza or Gdansk?

For the sake of simplicity the cell size used to determine if a P0kest0p appears in game is roughly 50m x 80m.

Only one stop will show in that area but you could have 2, 3 or 4 all next to each other and showing in Go if they are on the border but separate cells.

Are you suggesting some of these might not meet inclusion criteria? :thinking:


That gym in the background needs to go.

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