Are EV Chargers allowed?

I’m curious if this got rejected cause it’s an EV charging station or for something else.

Other places in the area that have been accepted have been things as simple as Frisbee Golf Goals so I figured this was as specific as those. And since EV Chargers are still quite rare in the area, one at a business would suffice.

Accuray EV Charger
Wayspot Submission for Accuray EV Charger

Rejection Criteria
Wayfarer criteria

Park your EV vehicle here to charge while you wander Middleton’s Industrial Park. Plenty of stops and routes nearby to keep you moving.
1209 Deming Way, Madison, WI 53717, USA
Supplemental Information

EV stations are an important progress to technology. Trainers will see nice greenery while wandering around Middleton’s Medical Industrial Park.


I would say they are not allowed, similar to gas stations, maybe generic business category.


There was a category specifically for charging station. I figured if I could find that specific of a match it’d work.

Oh well. Worth a shot.

they seem to be generic. nothing special about them, maybe just the shape. but nothing to peak interest.
i would say denied as generic


The “what is it” list isn’t an eligibility list. It’s just a list of potential tags an object can be given. Some of them are even outright ineligible.

Eligibility is based on whether a nomination is a great place to socialise, exercise or explore, and whether or not it meets any of the rejection criteria. Electric vehicle chargers aren’t a great place to socialise, exercise or explore, so they fail to meet the eligibility criteria.


Good to know. Thanks!

There is likely an official standard somewhere that provides this list (I couldn’t find it quickly, but from what I did search for, it seems likely to fall under the ISO 19000 series of standards).

Just to add - in your description you mention stops and routes nearby to keep you moving. That’s game specific to PoGo and would invalidate even a fantastic nomination. There should be absolutely no mention of any game in the description because the spot, if accepted, could go into any of the games that use the system. It specifically calls this out in the Wayfarer criteria.

It’s probably worth having a good read through the criteria. Yes, it’s boring. But it definitely helped me to improve my nominations and now, touch wood, I get most accepted. It also helps me weed out a bad nomination to save me wasting my time!


To be clear, just because there is a category to choose from when nominating doesn’t mean said category meets criteria. The categories aren’t even generated by Niantic, and there are even eligible categories that aren’t listed, i.e. pickleball courts.

I do see EV charging stations as being like gas stations as well, and aren’t really great places to be social at, for exercise, or to explore. They just aren’t unique, especially as more and more go up.


Agreed that it would be kinda like nominating a gas pump.

Though I suppose if people are waiting to charge and end up talking to each other it could be considered a meet up point.

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Yeah. This was mainly my misunderstanding of the categories being eligible spots. It was my first submission.


I can totally see why! That would have thrown me off too.

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