Arrgh .... The pois are everywhere!

Hey really trying to get my silver badger for the ingress buried memories charger … And new pois keep popping up. Silly City Council! A new park sign as a park has been named and a beautiful new artwork on a traffic signal box. These are typically agreed as instant accepts by our local community.

But I don’t wanna stop to nom. Waaaah !!! Yet …

I don’t think the other nominators know that the Brisbane City Council has an art gallery for all it’s Artforce Utility Box artworks …

So I try to get in first to nominate an Artforce artwork …cause edits take a long time and are often knocked back.

But the silly council always has a delay getting the info.

Can’t even find a insta post for this new one. Argh! Have sent an email …
But won’t get the info until Tuesday at the latest (public holiday).

The park sign has been tagged with spray paint so that’s another letter to the council to get that clean.

I just wanna field!!! I am only halfway to my badger.

Silly pois popping up unasked. Hmmph!!! I need to be fielding!!!

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Councils either do nothing or suddenly as you say everything everywhere all at once.

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Hi elijustrying,

What is this wayfarer? And what has it done to the actual wayfarer?

The portal is live already!!! Surely I would have had months to edit the title? :exploding_head:

Also you know how I was complaining about information delay from the council? Well check out when this reply was sent!!! Oh dear! I hope they weren’t working that late on the weekend!!!

I’m linking to @BlameJamal topic post which is thanking for the quick turnaround

It does mean you have to make edits quickly. :sunglasses: it certainly tests my typing skills.

And gosh yes great to get such prompt helpful response but ouch that is late at night.