Assistance with Technology?

Hi. I am looking for some help :slight_smile:
I had a user comment on each of my threads in wayspot appeals, suggesting I put up geotagged photos. I noticed they commented on others as well. I ensure I have my photos all geotagged. On occasion the response via help chat after 6-8hrs has been:

“The provided image is not geotagged. Please provide us with the requested geotagged image. Once we have received the requested information we will review your request.”

I can tell you this is quite frustrating. As it took so long to get that response. I then indicate they are geotagged, so please look again. Usually screenshot the properties page showing that and send it along. I could do this step each time just in case, but that seems a bit excessive. Currently I have been having an ongoing concern with one wayspot. Doing your one appeal on there is hard because you need to wait. I then usually check that the location edit was done properly. In this instance it was not. Then I reported it to them via a new ticket and they responded that my photos are not geotagged. I sent back screenshots etc and then they closed the ticket stating if I have new photos to contact them again. I am using the same photos from the first ticket and no the coordinates are not wrong on the photos.
In this instance they moved a wayspot onto another wayspot and not in the correct location from my original location suggested edit - from Feb. Or in the reminder coordinates from the first ticket. Anyways I am on ticket number 3 for this issue. But I digress.

I use one device specifically for edits/nominations so my families photos are not geotagged. I can find the information easily myself and know they are geotagged. Perhaps it is an issue with the occasional person behind the chat ticket at that time. I have tried to look up to see if there is anyway to show the gps coordinates in the bottom of the photo, but haven’t found anything. I am not super great with electronics in that way. Any insightful advice would help.
I am just trying to get through most of the important appeals via help chat before May 15th. This was a location edit <10m. I will not be using my appeals for edits until all my nominations that are awaiting appeals have been looked at yet.
Thanks so much.

There are apps such as GPS Map Camera that can put the GPS coordinates at the bottom of the photo.

I haven’t ever used this app myself and there are several other apps that do the same thing. I guess it’s just a case of trying a few out and seeing which works well for your needs, unless someone on here already does use one and can make a recommendation.

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Ok thanks

Perhaps my coordinates are just harder to find in my photos than others :person_shrugging:

On the old forum I had one the Niantic mods comment they needed geotagged photos as well, despite me uploading them. So thinking if something could put the info on the photo it would be better.

I do my help chat requests on my computer, and get my photos to my computer by uploading to Google Photos to send to them. Turns out I was stripping the geo tag in doing that, and @Sunkast (guess he isn’t on the forum) told me to use shift D to download the full version to my computer, and then the paperclip to upload the full version to help chat. I haven’t had any problems with them not seeing the tag since I started doing that.

I move all my photos to my computer. On my computer I can see the geotag info. I don’t actually use a “cloud” or google photos. Old school style plug my cord into my computer :rofl:

I’m not a techie person :sunglasses: but my understanding is that the stored geolocation information for a photo is typically stripped out when it is uploaded as part of the submission process and when you post photos to the forum.
So although when you look at a photo at your end you can click on it to find that geolocation information it is not there for Staff to see.
So you need a photo that actually includes it on the photo they can see.

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Yes, most default upload methods through Google Drive or other cloud services [disclaimer: this is not a blanket statement about all combinations of cloud services, photo upload methods, phone models and computers - you can find a cloud based-method that will preserve the coordinates for you, usually it involves using an option like “upload as file” like Cyndie does above, just that there is no universal instruction] will strip this info from the file. They might keep it in some other annotation form that is not the EXIF data, which will lead to further confusion.

Assuming we are talking about going through a computer and using help chat (uploading to help chat on desktop browsers does not strip coordinates), I would say that the old school way with the cord is probably a fairly surefire way of preserving them (assuming no import software is involved) and if you still see the geotag in the properties of your photo on your computer (not sure what OS you are using), chances are it’s still there. So it sounds like you are doing it 100% correctly. The ultimate test is to redownload (through your browser) the files you uploaded to help chat and checking if the geotag is still there. If it is, 1. it is on the help chat person to find how to view them but of course it doesn’t help you if they can’t find them and reject; 2. you can send them a screenshot of those properties too. Interacting with help chat can for sure be frustrating so sometimes you have to do a little explaining.

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On occasion this is what I have sent. I honestly don’t know if there is a better way to do that. When I open the photo via Microsoft photos and view the details it doesn’t show GPS but a map. Honestly, I am not great with electronics so don’t know how to change that.

I did double check and downloaded the file I sent to help chat and it has the same information geotagged. For this wayspot I have been trying to correct the mistake to the location since May 1st. They essentially put it on top of another plaque which was addressed in another ticket about a week prior. It has been about 20hrs since I opened the most recent ticket for this without a response.

I don’t use Windows but this looks 100% correct to me. No need to change anything you do with electronics, it’s exactly right :slight_smile:

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