What to do when waypoint isn't on Google Maps yet?

I’ve submitted this tree carving sculpture (this is the supplemental photo):

But it was met with a rejection due to “The Wayspot in question does not exist at the nominated location and has been submitted at incorrect location”.
The tree in which the sculpture is carved exists in Google Gaps in the given location, but since the location was photographed ~March last year, the sculpture isn’t visible cause it was created this year.

Is there anything I can do to improve my nomination or will I have to wait until Google Maps gets updated? Thank you.

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What do you mean by Google maps gets updated?

You could add it as a point of interest on maps yourself.

It’s there anything else in the surrounding area that you could get in the background of your support that would help to verify it’s location?

Do you know who made it? It might help to have a link added into your support.

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You could try taking the supporting image using a GPS camera app. This will attach a GPS stamp to your supporting image which will show the coordinates of where the photo was taken, and can be useful for reviewers to help ascertain that the location is valid (though it helps if you have other evidence to corroborate it). I asked about doing this in another thread and the ambassadors seemed to think it was a good idea:

Just whatever you do, don’t use the GPS camera app to take the main photo, as that will instantly disqualify it for having a watermark. It should only be used for the supporting photo.


That’s a good idea, thanks!