At a bit of a loss

I mean… what is this supposed to be exactly?


…Google translates as…
It was formerly a bank lobby built in 1750. The houses on both sides of it are listed as British cultural heritage and Grade I buildings.

OK, but it’s in the UK and why is it in Chinese? Got your expectations up? Here’s the photo…

And yes, taken from a car…

So many to choose from… inaccurate text, not permanent or distinct, poor quality photo?


I’m not sure Bloor homes are building Grade 1 listed properties :wink: so why mention what is next door, when they’re aparrently submitting a new build site?

I don’t think I’d pick bad photo myself. It might encourage them to try again with a better one :laughing:

Shame we don’t have “doesn’t meet criteria” anymore isn’t it.


I know that those visiting other countries are encouraged to submit Wayspots that they find, and I have seen US nominations in languages that aren’t frequently spoken or used in the area of nomination. I see nominations here in Spanish from time to time, but typically they are in areas where there are large Spanish speaking populations.

It’s possible that this is someone visiting the UK and not realizing that it’s best to submit all written text in English, but at the same time, it could be someone trying to abuse the system, since the title is in English, and the description is in Chinese, and they may have had it rejected in the past with all info in English.

I’m leaning more to the latter, someone that tried to submit this in the past, it was rejected, and so they are trying to get it through, even though it isn’t even eligible. It may have even been rejected by ML in English, so they are trying to use another language to get it past the AI and into community voting, then looking to change the description once it’s an approved Wayspot.

For the language thing, you don’t have to use the native language (although it’s preferable). I’ve seen a few nominations in Polish in the UK. I’m guessing it’s been submitted by a Chinese kid trying to be clever and get a local Pokéstop that they can spin whilst not having a full grasp of how the system is meant to work.

Regarding the submission itself, assuming that the description is completely made up and not accurate, I would likely choose inaccurate description for my rejection reason. If they submit it again, maybe I’d be tempted to go for abuse instead, as they are (presumably) lying about their nomination. Maybe I’m being a little lenient there given that I’m going on my instinct that it’s a kid doing this and not an adult (who should know that lying about submissions is wrong).

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I was recently in Belgium and Germany and submitted in English ……I didn’t trust google translate.
It could be a cut and paste job from a different submission.
It doesn’t appear to be malicious, as it’s obviously so wrong. just a mistake
And someone who really doesn’t understand about wayfarer.

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That’s an interesting thought, it could be an attempt to fool the ML by giving a description of something much more likely to be approved as a wayspot. It was in Warrington, in case anyone sees anything similar.

btw, for language anomalies, this portal close to me in the UK is a mosque and has been around ever since I started playing, but inexplicably the name is the Russian “мечеть” and nobody has ever been bothered enough to change it…


One of my friends reviewed a bike shed at a university with a chinese description this week. It wasnt in Warrington though. And it was a bike shed, so…