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I received a rejected Wayspot with the Reason that I have a blurry foto
And it not being distinct. This building hosts a myriad of Social businesses like a Takeaway store, Local Bakery, Pub&Grill. It was also home to a famous club before the owner Passed on.
It receives a lot of foot traffic as it is near the entrance to the university.

The Company that built the Building when the area was constructed about 50-60 years back also have 2 other buildings throughout the City.

Is there any way to improve my nomination? Is it worth to appeal? Should I rather adjust the info and resubmit? Do you find it not viable as a wayspot and I Should Leave it?
Any Suggestions would help me.

Am still new to the Wayfarer community. Only joined 2 weeks back

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I see a license plate on the bottom left. Please do post the full submission as nominated so other Wayfarers can point out how it looks as the reviewer.

As i opened up the report the reason changed from blurry photo to licence plate
Here is the Full Submission

The Licence plate in the main photo is unreadable and I dont think anyone would say otherwise. The supporting picture I see does show the full plate, but I was under the impression that the support info only gets seen by the reviewers? It is just to show how busy it is.

What is it that’s notable about the building? Is it a great place to explore, socialise or exercise?

If there was some actual historic or architectural significance then it might be a place to explore, if it was somewhere you could meet up then a place to socialise. You would need to explain that in the description and supporting text in order to persuade reviewers to vote for it.

Not sure there is enough here for reviewers to accept it, the licence plate is an easy reason to reject it.

It says Picasso lived there? That would qualify under exploration, but the supporting info should offer some evidence of that.

Definitely take a new main image with no license plate visible- thats a guarenteed reject.

I did include that it is first building built in the area(Explore). Should’ve been more precise about the Social I see. I forgot that people across the world dont know a Local Cocktail Bar(Picasso’s) It is know in the whole province and forgot other people that review might not know it.
So you think I can fix the Photo’s(Licence Disk)
add the extra info and resubmit?

Picasso’s Was a Famous Cocktail Lounge we had. It was created by a Local artist that was inspired by Picasso and became an Painter.
Does both images(Main and Supporting) have to be without licence plates and people or just the main

The main image has to be free of license plates, although reviewers often reject for any visible license plate or even part of a car.

In busy places you can potentially have people there but its best to try to take a picture without them. People in the supporting pic are supposed to be okay. Try to show the nomination in the supporting picture too but a more wide shot showing thr surroundings too

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As I see everyone replying I think I understands. Give more information than necessary about what, who and why. I was trying to keep descriptions Short as to not discourage reviewers to read it

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That makes a lot of sense thank you friend

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You can make the supporting info as long as you want. When nominating, theres a character limit but if you edit on the website later you can add more.

Description is really personal preference as to how detailled it is - they can be short or long and people will argue it both ways! Mine are usually just a line or 2.

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Will take note of that thank you. Is is against the rules to resubmit the same stop if it was rejected?

No, I just had something approved today after my 6th submission and 2 failed appeals. If you believe in it you can keep trying.

A bar might be eligible, somewhere a bar used to be… not really. Try to find a citation on the web as to why the building is significant in some way, add that to the supporting text.

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