Bad photo?

Is this genuinely a bad photo? I didn’t think it was unclear, it’s simply dappled sunlight in a woodland area. I think the pattern carved is still easy enough to see?

I thought a low quality photo was supposed to be too dark to see the waypoint, taken from a car, too far away, etc, not just something with less than perfectly even lighting?

Am I wrong? What do you all think?


That’s just reviewers being pedantic winkers.


Thankyou! I’m glad I’m not over estimating my photography skills to that degree

I wish the pedantry hadnt eaten an upgrade


I think it looks like a good photo, it meets the qualifiers. I think it’s weird that it was rejected as low quality photo.

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Was this a community decision or an “our team” one? I haven’t seen anyone post “low quality photo” as an “our team” rejection but they did say they were going to try to make the Niantic rejections more closely match the internal reasons, and maybe that is the new “ML couldn’t detect anything eligible in the photo”? Just a guess because it is NOT a low quality photo.


Nope, definitely the community!! (Sadly)

I got an appeal back this morning… do we think it’s worth appealing? Or will it come back as “just an ordinary object” or something?

It is hard to say if it is “worth” appealing. I think that the rejection reason is wrong, but I don’t have all the facts to know if this is a strong candidate. I will normally try resubmitting a time or two before I appeal, but might give it a try if it is a poi I feel strongly about or can’t get back to resub easily. If it is just a decoration, then maybe not, but if it is significant art along the trail, then probably yes.

There’s 4 of them along a trail in this nature reserve, yes. One is already a waypoint.

I had wanted to submit a couple of the others to showcase the different designs. This one is the simplest, and there’s another similar to it which I was going to leave. Then theres a bird (already done) and a mushroom with a carved pattern too.

I think I’ll let the mushroom go through its upgrade and then decide if I resubmit or appeal - might see if I have anything else to appeal this time around. The area is left to wildlife in the summer - lots of nettles at head height along each side of the trail. I got in there to submit these (and its fine for smaller people, or with long sleeved tops/proper trousers) but not keen to be stung again so soon haha.

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Heres the other 2 if you’re interested. I just thought they were cool!


Hi @frealafgb
Maybe you can sell each as 1/4, 2/4 …
As an art collection :woman_shrugging:t2:

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My hope was a sort of unofficial art trail yeah, as an incentive for a player to walk the trails in the area. Once I got in through the nettles it was lovely, very peaceful. The trees block out almost all the noise and view of houses.

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It’s a nice shot. It could perhaps be a bit tighter and better lit but obviously not a bad photo. Even so some of the reviewers probably thought that it wouldn’t be a good Wayspot so they tried to reject it. At least they didn’t tag it as ‘abuse’ or ‘generic business’. :laughing:

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I would certainly go for that part of a whole angle.

I think it’s worth trying to address the low quality photo by assuming it’s meant to be about how easy it is to see the object.
I guess by comparison this totem is slightly hidden in the trees.
So in appeal I would say the summer greenery is slightly in the way but the lighting picks out the carving clearly.


no just bad reviewer… abusing by reviewers :smiling_face_with_tear:


At least this one has a “good enough” picture
Accepted by the community

  • Copyrighted and 3rd party photos (e.g. watermarked stock photos and photos from maps sites)

  • Photos that are blurry or under/over exposed

  • Includes prominent people, body parts, or live animals

  • Pitch black photos where the Wayspot isn’t clearly visible

  • Photos taken from a car where the car dashboard or mirror is visible

  • Sideways or upside down photos

  • Faction/Player tagging (anything with game specific symbols)

  • Obviously edited or doctored photos

  • Exact duplicates of existing photos

  • Vandalized photos

  • Photos with recognizable faces or license plates

  • Photos of another location


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Yeah, definitely doesnt do any of those things. Luckily the mushroom one was facing a different direction, so the lighting was … well, worse, but also not dappled. Worst lighting ftw guys

One of my friends suggested it could be because the nettles were in the way of some of it in the unaccepted image

Next time trample all those nettles and stomp on mother nature if you want a pokestop!

Yeah seems to be the answer. Destory some of a nature area in the name of Wayfarer.

Lukcily nettles do actually pop back up again on a few hours.

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