Bad system in nominate

System nominate pokestop Is very bad in my village is 3 pokestop but my request Is not accept almost never and if so, it’s not a pokestop …f### this system

Would you mind showing us screenshots of your rejected nominations so that we can maybe try to help you improve them or advise you on why they aren’t eligible?

As for accepted nominations that don’t appear in a specific game, that’s because you’re actually nominating wayspots for the Lightship database, and the in game text is a little bit misleading because the Pokémon Go and Ingress development teams use game specific terms where they’re not correct. They do this to maintain immersion in the games, but it would be better if the text was updated to use wayfarer specific terminology, as that would give new submitters a better understanding of what goes on during the process. At any rate, each game has a proximity rule that limits which wayspots can be used in that game. I recommend reading this article to better understand the system used in Pokémon Go.


I’m not in the mood for that anymore, but thanks for the answer

Hi @hankwolfman
I’m not sure if we should only see it that way:

Perhaps the wayfarer side use a wrong term :woman_shrugging:t2:
When f.e. the pogo team decided, that they use game specific terms, it should also be right to give a game specific answer.

@AliceWonder1511 but the game teams don’t make the decisions? It’s all Wayfarer/Niantic. There is then a program written that will convert a POI from Lightship (or whatever it’s called - I can never remember with certainty) into any or all games if it fits each games criteria.

At the point the email is sent, it’s purely saying
“we’ve accepted it as a POI”.

Btw i know cells nearby not pokestop