Where is my pokestop?

Why do I have accepted pokestops and they don’t appear in the game?

In addition to the previous reply, you may want to read this article: https://pokemongohub.net/post/article/comprehensive-guide-s2-cells-pokemon-go/

Thank you very much, but if I make a contribution from Pokémon Go it is so that it appears in that game. Seeing this, I’m not going to waste any more time and I’m not going to contribute anymore.

Hey Explorer! I would hate to see you get discouraged, you have to remember this. You are submitting a nomination for the Niantic Lightship Map, not Pokemon Go or any other specific game. Each game has their own inclusion rules.

Don’t stop nominating, but I’d recommend you look at this, if you are concerned about specific inclusion for Pokemon Go.

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Pokémon Go lies to you during the submission process. The Pokémon Go devs use Pokémon Go specific terminology (like Pokéstops), when in actual fact you’re nominating wayspots for Niantic’s Lightship database. The wayfarer team are in favour of having the in game text updated to use wayfarer terminology, but the game devs for Pokémon Go (and Ingress) choose to use game specific terminology for immersion purposes, which unfortunately leads new submitters to not have a good understanding of what’s actually going on with the system. All you really get to go on is this small bit of information in your acceptance emails:

Basically you submit a wayspot which, if accepted, will get added to the Lightship database. From here, it will attempt to sync into Niantic’s various games, but each of those games has a proximity rule that determines whether the new wayspot can be added to that game or not. So clearly, you’ve been submitting wayspots that don’t meet the proximity requirements for Pokémon Go, which I get can be disheartening at first.

I wouldn’t give up though. Now that you know about the proximity rule that Pokémon Go uses, if you really only want your stuff to appear in Pokémon Go, you can use this knowledge to help you check whether something will or won’t appear. I word it like that because a lot of us will still submit nominations anyway, even if they won’t appear in the game we play. Your nomination could still help someone who plays a different game. For example, a lot of your local Pokéstops will likely have come from Ingress agents submitting wayspots through their game, so the least you can do is occasionally pay the favour back by submitting things that won’t necessarily become Pokéstops, but that could still become Portals (or whatever they might become in other Niantic games).


Remember you are dealing with Niantic and communication with players is not something they are known for……

There is lots of advice here, because we are keen to help with the frustration that arises when you are unaware of the inclusion rules for selecting wayspots to become pokestops. Once you have that sorted then submitting and getting pokestops becomes more satisfying.
Do read the articles and ask more questions.

If you give up, then you have to rely on others to get any new pokestops or gyms. If you don’t understand, ask! I prefer chatting on discord and find the Wayfarer Discussion Discord folks very knowledgeable and eager to help. You can get an invite to the group here: https://wayfarer.tools/