Bad Title/Description Reviews - Grammar

Lately since getting heavy into doing reviews for the challenge, I’ve come across enough nominations or edits that have bad grammar, at least in my opinion.
Some of these include:

  1. Not capitalizing each first letter of each word with some exceptions like “of” in between to words
  2. Misspellings
  3. Capitalizing a proper noun in the title or description, but not vice versa.

I know it might not bother some reviewers, especially if it’s a great nomination. Yet, for me at least, I feel like if I don’t flag these kinds of things, then I’m doing a disservice for the nomination from it getting a proper professional look to it. And players, who view these accepted nominations, later on wonder to themselves “how did this gibberish, misspelling, typo, etc. get accepted?”

What are your views on this? In the same manner of pictures either being low quality, people or especially children present, bad orientation or too far away… Do you agree? What are some nominations that you’ve seen that apply to this kind of situation?

Last thought spilling out here. Submitters who talk about a nomination being a great potential pokestop to try to sway the reviewers. I don’t play Pokemon go anymore and now only play Ingress. Nothing against Pokemon go. I just don’t think submitters should try to justify a waypoint using Pokemon go as a reason and any mention of any game shouldn’t be present. Ingress, Pokemon go, monster hunter. They should give more justification about the nomination’s distinctiveness than a person’s lack of pokestops and such.


I do reject definitively for wrong spelling - grammar I’m more lenient depending on how bad it is !:joy:

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Typos, spelling errors, and grammar all irk me. But I will mostly ignore them if it isn’t that bad and only in the description. Often that can be fixed via an edit later.

It does seem to be only Pokemon Go nominations that have people explaining why it would be a good stop. I think that is because when nominations came out that is what people thought they needed to do. Well, in my area that is what most of us thought. I started with Pokemon Go and I didn’t even know how or what the wayspots were chosen or based on until later. I dived more into ingress after we were able to nominate in Pokemon Go.
The main issue is the wording with the nomination submission. It clearly states “Pokestop nomination” and even on the supporting information asks you to say why you believe it is important and what trainers will find.
So it doesn’t look at the whole picture and the wording will cause some confusion. It would be nice if there was a disclaimer saying you are submitting to the general database etc.
However, at least the toggle button for other wayspots is there, but it only shows up when you are in the area. If you have snapped pictures and are nominating from a distance then it won’t help you in that area.


I dont reject for typos or bad spelling. I would reject something that made no sense or mentioned game related stuff. If an item is eligible, I’d prefer to see it in game with a sub standard description that can be edited afterwards, because the item itself is fine.

Edits are there for a reason. Its hard to type a nomination when youre out and about, in the rain, and many people have dyslexia etc, and also many submitters actually dont know you can adit a submission at home via wafarer.

If the supporting info talks about more pokestops, I just skip over that bit. Its irrelevant but that is actually what the in game submission asks the submitter to talk about (or that is a common interpretation anyway). I don’t blame submitters for this. If the game gave more prompts at the time of submission then these things wouldnt happen.


100% agree.
Wayfinders are human and we are expected to make a reasonable submission not a top notch faultless professional standard.
We should take a good photo as per guidelines.
We should try to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes - that’s why we can and should review and edit a submission.
But if a few errors slip through and it still makes for a readable entry then those can be corrected by editing.

Any irrelevant text in the supporting text can be ignored. The submitter has missed the opportunity to help me as a reviewer, that’s all.


I’m very flexible with grammar mistakes but sometimes is impossible to accept some nominations with them.
For example, if someone instead of “Hello, how are you?” decides to write it as “Jelou, jau r iu?” I’m not going to accept it. This can sound as an exageration but I have reviewed some examples similar to this one but in my natal language.


If the spelling error is egregious or if they’ve keysmashed or something like that, it’s a rejection for me for inaccurate title or description. If it’s clearly a typo or autocorrect snagged something and it wasn’t caught in time on an otherwise great nomination, I’ll let it slide. Folks are usually, I think, trying their best. Unless it really spoils the nomination, I have the philosophy of it can be edited later.

… Which reminds me to go fix one of my spelling errors that’s now live. I made an edit on the fly and made a typo. The ML snagged it and approved it and I didn’t notice until I got home. :sweat_smile:


Not minutes after submitting this topic did I see this nomination that had it all:

Yes, I agree to a certain extent that if it’s a great nomination, yet the submitter’s keyboard auto corrected it or they misspelled something minor, I may lean towards wanting it to get approved. Things like the above nomination though, it’s just too much.
Another reason that I do lean towards rejecting for misspellings that are of similar level as the above, is I know the submitter is given feedback on the general reason for it being rejected. If for example, someone as new submitters were to get a rejection email saying my nomination had too low quality of a description or title, I’d hope that someone would try to take a little better care when crafting their nomination.

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That I would reject because (aside from it being a standard memorial bench that isn’t particularly eligible) it mentions pokestops. That’s completely different from a typo


This should be rejected - nothing to do with grammar or spelling:
Standard bench
I would read “stop” as an in game reference


I have noticed a lot more US nominations mention trainers, stops etc.

Maybe it’s just me and I’ve been unlucky?

Japan was similar to the UK and other parts of Europe in that I get them occasionally mentioning specific games. Japan definitely had a problem with

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Oooh I actually just got the Joan Canterbury bench too

Was it outside your review area?
I always feel bad when I get a bus stop or something from the Isle of Lewis knowing they upgraded it.

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Yeah it was a challenge one - US

Oh… Sorry :smiley:

I never have a problem with a tin of Spam :wink:


I also Reject wrong spelling. There is a lot of tools [ example Grammarly ] to help you out with your nominations.

I also feel like the person who poor grammar pokestop get accepted. Will go and edit it and fix it for contribution to the community. What everyone take on the edit them afterwards

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typos, grammar, and spelling won’t make me deny a nomination as they can always be fixed later on


I’d hope people would make some basic effort to proofread and check submissions before pressing submit, or put them on hold so that they can do it properly later. Unfortunately it seems that some people just don’t bother which is frustrating and looks awful.

If it’s just a simple misspelling that can be corrected later but otherwise legible, I tend to allow some lenience but if there are multiple errors and it is clear that the submitter really has been super lazy, I would think twice about accepting.

Ideally every submission would be perfect but that’s not realistic, some people struggle with language or make the occasional mistake which is understandable as long as they have made decent effort and can be corrected with an edit later. Everyone has a slightly different tolerance where they draw the line.


You say people dont bother… but sometimes the AI picks things up very fast and accepts even with an awful description or placeholder keyboard mashing.

And sometimes life just gets in the way and its out of your queue and into voting before you realise.

Also some people have no idea there is a website where you can edit. They realise after that there is a typo and think they cant do anything about it.

As someone whos had the “fun” of submitting while being rained on, sometimes typing semi coherently and managing to get the submit button pressed is an achievement

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