Bad Title/Description Reviews - Grammar

This is true, I tend to put everything on hold as soon as I have submitted it but I understand that’s not always possible. I wonder what percentage of poor submissions that accounts for.

I also agree that the messaging needs to be clearer and the fact that the wayfarer site exists needs to be better promoted, along with better guidance on how to make a good submission within the process itself.


So much this :yellow_heart:
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You can imagine how Ive managed with submitting and typos😆


It really bugs me when I see poor titles in terms of spelling and grammar. I especially hate when capital letters are missed from the correct words - and I was always taught that a title should have all words capitalised except conjunction words… BUT it wouldn’t stop me from accepting an otherwise good nomination as long as it was legible. My reasoning? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a reasonable education, some people have learning difficulties, some people may be dyslexic, some people may have been rushing and intended to edit later but forgot, some may have been struggling typing on a phone screen (I’ve made many a spelling mistake on there due to fat fingers and auto correct does NOT work on the wayfarer submissions through PoGo), etc.

We have the ability to request an edit in game - that should be good enough to capture these and get them corrected.

So basically - benefit of the doubt.


How do you correct an error? Does the nomination have to be approved first?

If it’s your submission you can edit it on the Wayfarer site if it’s not yet in voting, otherwise it can be edited after it has been accepted through one of the games.


Hi and welcome! As @KaptainSpikey said you can either edit a nomination you’ve made in your contribution management page on the Wayfarer website, or you can make an edit through one of the games.

Using the contribution management page, you start by clicking the link which says contributions on the left side of the page.

There you’ll see all of your nominations. You can only edit nominations which are in queue. If they’ve already gone into voting they can’t be changed.

Click on the nomination you wish to edit and at the very bottom you’ll see these options.

Click edit and you can change the text to your heart’s delight!

If you’d like to edit a Wayspot that’s already in game, you can do so in Pokemon Go by clicking on the PokeStop and then clicking arrow in the top right corner.

For example:

Then you can clock the 3 dots icon in the top right corner.

This page will open and you can edit the title, description, report an invalid Wayspot, request a location change, etc.

You can also edit in Ingress using almost the same method too.


Thank you! Really appreciate it!

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Please note that the action you take from within a game is only proposing an edit. The community or Machine Learning will then decide to use your edit or not.


You are not alone. It should be treated like a book or song title. Capitalize the important words. Thank you so much for saying this. I’m glad someone else finally agrees with me and understands.


This is very informative thank you

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In addition to this, if you play Ingress (like me), you are able to make waypoint edit suggestions from further away. I don’t know the distance limit to do so, but as long as you either have 1] a portal key; 2] a portal web link, pulled from the Ingress Intel Total Conversion (IITC) app/webpage or your in-game scanner; or 3] see it in your scanner screen, you’re able to remotely make contributions- to a point. You’ll also have to have the required Access Level to do certain contributions.

Pogo players are limited to having to actually be at a waypoint to do so.