Took over two years to get a ONE letter title fix approved!!

And you thought over a year to get a nomination decision was bad!

Instead of just working on shortening the time it takes for an Appeal, maybe Niantic should fix the screwed up edit changes system! Over two years is simply called incompetence.

In just the last month I’ve had some title/description edits get approved in just a few weeks, yet most of my edit suggestions over the last year seem to go into a black hole and never get a final decision made.

In this case, this was for a ONE letter spelling correction.

Disc Gold Course


Disc Golf Course

Rumor has it, a fix was made so small edits like spelling fixes would be automatically approved, yet I’m still reviewing edits that are only making corrections. Today I reviewed one title edit that was just changing the lower/upper case of ONE letter.


I’ve had a bunch of edits go through almost automatically. I don’t think they’re running the bot through the older reviews though, so they’ll have to go through naturally.

2 years for that is crazy. I’m sure if that were done now it would be a LOT quicker.

I’ve submitted so many corrections from Trial Marker to Trail Marker I’ve lost count. None have gone through.

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I have edits from years ago still unresolved, no idea if they still exist in the system and no way to check.
Some have come back as denied without reason which is almost as frustrating, especially when, like yours they are simple corrections that should be no-brainers.