Been a while now is this normal?

Does this normally take this long? Can anyone help me by reviewing it or do i need max upgrade on my account?

It is not Upgraded. It is marked to “Upgrade Next” which means when you earn an Upgrade it will be used on that.

You need to get 100 Agreements to get an Upgrade which you can check on your Profile on Wayfarer.


Also, no one in the community has the ability to go through the available nominations and find yours to vote on, even if they wanted to.

I have nominations from October 2022 that I did not upgrade that are not decided yet. On Sunday, I got community decisions from a nomination submitted Mar 20, 2024 and another that had been submitted Jul 3, 2023. So yours does not seem to be taking particularly long to me.

If you want a faster decision, definitely review and earn that upgrade to apply.

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Thank you that was really helpful now i understand what im looking at, hope you have a great day @PkmnTrainerJ