Upgrade Voting Time

I have an upgrade that has been in voting for just over a week. I have never had an upgrade take this long to be decided. Is something up?

There are many examples like this topic in Bug Reports & Technical Support but the only Niantic response i have seen has been that there is no issue.


The team says everything is Working As Intended :tm: but it’s pretty clear that something has broken. Upgrades never take as long as they are right now.


Thank goodness they have a history of reimbursing Upgrades when they aren’t working as intended and are always exceptionally forthcoming about such issues.

Cough Upgrades and reviewer agreements being lost to ML/Niantic review cough.

Did I do that right?


How would one properly report such an issue?

You posted on the bug report that has been marked “status-not-a-bug” and that is the only thing I know to do. I am sure the ambassadors are keeping this issue in front of Niantic.

And I’m sure their priority is community satisfaction and fixing such issues and not supporting the Pokémon GO Fest events at this time.


In a less sarcastic answer, exactly that. Hopefully as people report concerns Niantic will believe the community dissatisfaction and that we tend to know the inner workings better so this can get properly addressed and resolved.

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Yes, there is a major delay and I think it’s due to everyone using their upgrades from challenges

Also, not sure if anyone noticed - the new system (thumbs up and a lot of edit reviews) has allowed wayfarer reviewers to get upgrades a lot quicker .
So now we have a lot of upgrades being used and added with many wayfarers that have their ratings tanked stopped reviewing - we have a lot less reviewers and overwhelming amount of upgrades

What edits? I rarely get edits these days, especially since I’m one of the few people in my area that actually submits them. Most of what I’ve been getting is Wayspot submissions, with a few photo reviews sprinkled in.

And while yes, there have been some reviewers pulling back on reviewing, and many using their upgrades from the last challenge, it shouldn’t be taking weeks for an upgrade to be resolved at this point.

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I get tons of photo , description and location edits :+1:t2: