Upgraded submissions seem stuck

Hi guys,

My upgraded submissions seem to take a long time to be reviewed, I’d like to know if it is a normal thing


It’s quite normal depending on where you are, the wayfarer challenge takes priority proposals from Germany for the moment at the end of the event it will be much faster :slight_smile:

Can you confirm how long these have been upgraded for? It doesn’t show on the preview.

Between 2 and 4 weeks


I don’t think is a bug, just that there are not enough reviewers in your area.

Can someone check though? Four weeks upgraded seems crazy.

If that is “working as intended” then something needs to be tweaked.

What’s the solution ? Normal submissions take forever, so I tried to get some upgrades to avoid it but this it desperate

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No solutions at this moment. You can try to make a community of reviewers and introduce them into Wayfarer world.

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There are no issues with these nominations. All of them were upgraded recently. The oldest upgraded nominations was upgraded on May 10th.

Hey there @NianticAaron wanted to know if you could re-validate your statement. Are upgrades still working as intended? Please accept my example:


For those reading this later, today is 11 June 2024 3:32pm UTC and 7:32am Niantic time.

Four days in upgraded status seems a little off.
Thanks in advance!


Will confirm that normal behavior for this area for an upgraded nomination to be decided is 2-4 hours after it enters voting. Unless everyone who reviews has stopped reviewing, this is not normal upgrade behavior.

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I’ve had two upgraded nominations stuck ‘In Voting’ for a week now. I’m in no rush, but this is definitely the longest period of time that I’ve experienced so far.


Right now I have two upgraded nominations that have been sitting for about a week. Usually they are resolved within a day or so after being upgraded. Also not in a rush, but it just seems odd.

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Agree that upgrades seem to be off. I have a submission that i’d like to upgrade, but I’m going to wait because I don’t know right now if it’ll be quicker to let my small area of reviewers vote, or send it to the upgrade queue for more to look at it.

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I have also seen a change in how long upgrades have been taking, a major slowdown in fact. Past experience was that they would both go into voting and be decided in a day (so long as they were past the post-nomination cooldown period). Now it’s taking a week or more to either get into voting or be decided. Doesn’t seem to be operating as efficiently as it used to, and definitely disincentivizes obtaining and using upgrades.


Hello. Are there any updates on what is happening with slow upgraded submissions that are stuck being voted on? :slight_smile:

I think right now everyone is using all their upgrades from their challenge rewards combined with faster upgrades from normal reviews (agreements are quicker now that picture edits have been included faster) . (However if your submission is picked by Emily - it will go fast)

Unless more wayfarers review - I think this will become the norm

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Agree. I do think that many that participated in the challenge are now using their upgrades, hence increasing the queue numbers and resolution timeframe. And because of the current ratings issue, there have been a number of reviewers that have stopped reviewing until that’s resolved. I also feel that the bugs during the challenge may have drove some reviewers away.

No update yet, and GO Fest Madrid is happening this weekend, so Niantic may be busy with that.

I’ve already given up hope that my recent nominations will be accepted/rejected any time soon.

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Upgraded this 48 hours ago. It was already in voting when I upgraded. It is still unresolved.