Wayfarer Team Review Nomination is toooooo SLOOOOOW

I have a wayspot nomination with Wayfarer Team review, i spend a boost on in. Its been 6 days on review, so my booster is a waste. So bad!!
With the communty review its only takes 2 or 3 days, I don’t want the wayfarer review team to review my nominations anymore.

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fwiw, the ML model seems to either accept, reject, or send submissions to Niantic voting at around 20-24 hours after submitting. i recommend not putting an upgrade on anything before it is two days old, just to see. if it makes you feel any better, people are reporting that their upgrades aren’t working fast like they used to anyway.

Yeah, it’s been taking awhile for any non-Emily accepted submission for me too. I chalk it up to people being burned out after the global challenge, the weird thing where so many people’s Wayfinder rating has tanked, and (in my city at least) it being summer so all the college students being gone.