Bulk appeal for wayspot title and description edits

First off i’d like to thank niantic for giving us the ability to appeal edit suggestions in help chat, i think it’s a great thing to have for most folks (myself included) most of the time. That said, i submitted hundreds of edits in 2021-2023 and in the past month a lot of those edits have finally reached a decision. whether they’ve been reviewed by the community, internal reviewers, or ML i can’t say but unfortunately a lot of them have been rejections. as help chat appeal really only allows 1-2 per day and i already have dozens to appeal, i’m making this post in the hopes that they can be more expediently resolved. thank you for your time.

Existing title: Global Information Tree Sculpture
Suggested edit: Windvane Kiosk
location: 47.466916,-122.339411

Existing title: Painted Blades By Fleming
Suggested edit: Multiplicity by John Fleming
Existing description: Art sculpture designed by John Fleming and painted by members of the community.
Suggested edit: John Fleming created 30 stencils and invited locals to paint on the blades using the stencils symbolizing and incorporating diversity and inclusiveness.
location: 47.474372,-122.283988

Existing title: Buckley
Suggested edit: The Buckley Building
location: 47.619774,-122.310252

Existing title: Bratz
Suggested edit: Life in Bavaria Mural
Existing description: No hot dogs allowed
Suggested edit: Though the restaurant is long gone, the mural depicting life in Bavaria remains.
location: 47.466337,-122.342101

Existing title: Equality
Suggested edit: Equality by Rolon Bert Garner and Ken Leback
location: 47.59401,-122.314062

Existing title: Camelot
Suggested edit: Camelot Building Crest
location: 47.624111,-122.322175

Existing title: Blue Ribbon
Suggested edit: Spiral Triptych - Paul Vexler
Existing description:
Suggested edit: Located within the Delta Skyclub, this 60 foot sculpture suspended above was constructed of wood and plastic laminate in 2016.
location: 47.442418,-122.302703

Existing title: Yellow Trail North End
Suggested edit: Red Trail South End
Existing description: North of Field #5, this is JJ Biello Park’s Yellow Trail north entrance/exit for the .4 mile hike.
Suggested edit: North of Field #5, this is JJ Biello Park’s Red Trail south entrance/exit for the .5 mile hike.
location: 34.116328,-84.496172
explanation: i’m really not sure what the history is here, but the marker currently at this location is for the Red Trail and is at the south end of that trail. The main photo in Ingress shows this marker which includes a map that verifies this. my best guess is that the trails were reconfigured some time after the wayspot was originally created.

Existing title: Infinity Column
Suggested edit: Untitled by John Warton
Existing description: Neon sculpture by John Geise. Art at the airport .
Suggested edit: An untitled art piece made of acrylic by artist John Warton.
location: 47.443256,-122.302223
explanation: there are currently 2 wayspots with this same title, both crediting John Geise. However, this piece is actually Untitled by John Wharton: Port of Seattle (SeaTac)

Existing title: Stained Glass Plates
Suggested edit: Cow On Its Side by Dιck Weiss
location: 47.445216,-122.300826
feel free to use normal letters for the artist’s name, the apps won’t let you submit such an edit

Existing title: Wall Clouds
Suggested edit: Rain Clouds by New Volute
Existing description:
Suggested edit: Made of cast concrete and anodized bronze
location: 47.444531,-122.301776

Existing title: Conrad
Suggested edit: Conrad Building Cornice
location: 47.616205,-122.324578

Existing title: Airport Train Artwork
Suggested edit: Traveler by Karen Ganz
location: 47.445136,-122.301381

Existing title: Chamber Of Commerce Dedicated Bench
Suggested edit: Sidewalk Stories: history of a city block - Stokley Towles, 2000
Existing description:
Suggested edit: An art/history project created in 2000 by Stokley Towles. Text reads: beneath the Vashon glacier - Des Moines Island - c’ətxʷaləp t’aʃt’aq’t xʷiqʷəiʔ - Hardscrabble - Sunnydale - Mary Brown’s homestead - near the lake named for Gottlieb Van Boorian - Nellie Ironside’s garden - Chamber of Commerce - corner of 8th Avenue SW and SW 151st
location: 47.467795,-122.344397
this wayspot and the cluster around it have an interesting history. the person who originally nominated them all spread them out at regular intervals across several blocks in the area. when i realized that each of those wayspots were individual tiles that collectively made up this single art installation i attempted to have them removed as duplicates. a couple were removed but most were simply moved to make a giant messy cluster at the location of this wayspot. and then 2 others were never changed at all:
Burien Historic Landscape Plaque

Mike Solberg Plaque

ideally if the edits are approved for this wayspot it should be recognized that the others are in fact duplicates and they would be retired.

Existing title: Coyote
Suggested edit: Coyote Central
Existing description: Coyote Central
Suggested edit: Coyote Central is a non-profit that runs pay what you can art classes.
location: 47.608095,-122.302548

Existing title: TOAST!
Suggested edit: Souvenir: Toast
location: 47.613531,-122.346455
the plaque with the full name is visible in the wayspot photo

Existing title: Freeway Park
Suggested edit: Freeway Park Map
location: 47.61039,-122.329339

Existing title: Liberty Park Community Building
Suggested edit: Liberty Park
location: 47.482739,-122.201659
the photo and location of this wayspot are clearly for the park sign which also mentions the community building. it’s most accurate to be named for the park alone.

Existing title: Bolt
Suggested edit: Sunset Electric Bolt
location: 47.615172,-122.317745

Existing title: 616
Suggested edit: 616 Stained Glass
location: 47.625209,-122.361812

Existing title: Turret
Suggested edit: LA Fitness Turret
location: 47.356846,-122.112248

Existing title: MLK
Suggested edit: Little Library at MLK Family Community Center
Existing description: See above
Suggested edit: A small sharing library for the neighborhood to use. Painted in the colors of Africa.
location: 47.623265,-122.290731

Existing title: Jones Park Gazebo
Suggested edit: Jones Park Arbor Trellis
location: 47.48271,-122.204449

Existing description: Fort Dent Park
Suggested edit: One of several fields at Starfire Sports complex, this field typically hosts younger players.
location: 47.468756,-122.250455

Existing title: Calm & Serenity - Utility Box Art
Suggested edit: Her dreams are everywhere
Existing description: A bright touch of color on drab street corner.
Suggested edit: A bright touch of color on drab street corner. An original artwork by Yvonne Chan.
location: 47.479987,-122.202859

Existing title: The Pavilion: Coulon Beach
Suggested edit: The Belvedere Picnic Gallery
Existing description:
Suggested edit: It’s not often you see a structure described as a belvedere but right here in Renton we have our very own belvedere at Gene Coulon Park!
location: 47.506769,-122.202263

Existing title: A great place for learning robotics. Lots of cultre is in thr area which help run the community. A large open space for running
Suggested edit: Bell-East Business Park
please don’t look at the description edit submitted

I also had 5 rejections for wayspots all named “Discovery Park Loop Trail Marker” but as the emails don’t include a location i can’t be bothered to sort out which title suggestion was for each of the many identically named wayspots in that park. if you’re able to look through my other edit suggestions and reverse those decisions as well i would appreciate it.


Thanks for the appeal, Explorer. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made necessary changes to the title and description of the Wayspots.

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