Calificación de wayfinder


He sido calificada por segunda vez como “mala” y ya no puedo sugerir wayspot.
He realizado las revisiones intentando cumplir con los criterios de wayfarer pero no entiendo porque me han vuelto a calificar mal.
¿Que puedo hacer para “reset” mi calificación o para mejorarla?

Your rating is not linked to being able to submit new wayspots candidates, so there might be something else happening there.

I would suggest to take time while reviewing each nomination carefully. By taking into account the wayfarer guidelines you should be able to improve your rating.

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My friend recently got knocked down to fair then poor - she too had no idea why as she had been at good for a long time. She was able to do the quiz again though, and that reset her back to good. Can you see if it’s available for you?

There is no longer a quiz, so that is not an option.

She literally did it a week ago though - well after the quiz was removed.

Now I am puzzled
@NianticAaron i thought the quiz had totally gone

Quiz has been replaced with onboarding.

I know, right? She had messaged me a few weeks ago to say her eating had dropped to fair right after she approved one nomination that she guessed (correctly) was mine (I’m pretty much the only person in my town nominating at the minute). I told her not to worry and to hang on a few days without reviewing for the nominations to get resolved fully as that can affect then she’s done a lot in a short space. She carried on reviewing and a week or so back she said it dropped to poor and she couldn’t understand what she was doing so wrong.

Next time I saw her, probably a week and a half ago now as it wasn’t last weekend, the weekend before, I asked her if her rating had gone up yet and she said it came up asking her to brush up on the criteria and gave her the test - she did it and was happy to see she got put back up to good again! I was surprised as I thought the test had gone - but wondered if maybe it’s only around if you drop to bad.

I may have the dates slightly out, but it was definitely since the wayfarer challenge.

Thanks - maybe that’s what she did and just used the wrong terminology!