Can the supporting picture contain individuals in it?

SSIA (subject says it all)

Sometimes when I’m submitting a wayspot it’s tricky to get a suitable supporting picture with out individuals in it - and then I’m forced to take a much more limited supporting pic than I otherwise would.


Yes, you can have people in the supporting photo. I would avoid having people pose for it to avoid looking like you are identifying who submitted the nomination, but crowd shots or passersby are fine.


I think it is best to try not have people in your images.

Avoid where possible as some people will incorrectly use it to reject.
I usually mention it in the supporting info that the supporting info as to why there are people there.


That’s just lousy reviewing then.

Hell, I’ve had people reject submissions of mine because of a link in the supporting information.


same. and submitter identifiable for the shadow of my arm. some of my supporting statements are so long trying to explain the rules to reviewers

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Yes but no faces

I say ut shows pedestrians access

Then they don’t read it because it’s too long :laughing:
Can’t win sometimes

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