Can bad support photo affect the review process?

Every now and then I see a good poketstop nomination where people is shown on the support photo.
Is it valid or should it be an automatically rejection?

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People in the supporting photo is not a rejection reason unless it seems like they are purposefully staged in a way that is meant to purposefully identify the submitter.


As an aside to what @NvlblNm has already said, a support photo should still show the nomination at a wider angle or in some way. If it doesn’t still show the nomination, it doesn’t help the reviewers. They are much more likely to not be able to accept the location or pedestrian access. And I can’t fault them.

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You only need to be concerned abut people being in the main photo, not the supporting; same with license plates. If you can see a person or license plate clearly in the main photo, the submission should be rejected.

If the supporting photo has faces or license plates, that’s ok, as they aren’t added to the Lightship map; only the main photo is used. I’ve submitted some supporting photos for submissions with people and/or cars in them, and none have been rejected based on the supporting photo.

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I would go a bit further and say that faces and license plates should not be visible at any zoom level in the main photo. Don’t assume that just because you wouldn’t be able to make it out in PoGo (for example) that you wouldn’t be able to make it out in other Niantic games.

It doesn’t matter in the supporting photo (for review purposes), but if you were submitting I’d still advise you to avoid these things if you can.

Honestly it depends for me if you clearly see if the camera is bad or is it a blurry. Because not everyone has a phone that can take good quality photos. Which is been seen. But a blurry photo may need to be reconsider