Can we get more feedback from rejections

Guys the system stinks. Other Rejection Criteria, Wayfarer Criteria. What does that even mean?
There are too many reviewers using the wrong reasons or the AI is getting wrong.

Plus you can’t even choose the same Rejection reasons as before. So now it all gets put under Other.

This doesn’t help anyone and quite frankly will demotivate people from even submitting nominations again.
If you don’t know you’re doing something wrong how can you fix it.
Sure you can appeal it, but what are you appealing and what in particular are you meant to address if you have no idea why it was rejected?

Just saying Other is not good enough.
Especially when you know it meets all criteria and the review is incorrect and there is nothing wrong with it at all.

If in fact there are various “Other Criteria” for a rejection then why aren’t they all listed. If it can be seen as a reason to reject it then it can be selected from a list of reasons.
Other shouldn’t even be an option if it was listed properly.


Agree, some cases there’s wrong reason appeal in Generic Business, we need for fix issue some criteria to more information.

More information same cases, here’s more detail :

I so confuse at this now. I stop review and submit nomination because there’s too much problem at this now.

Absolutely agree, I have been saying the same for a long time, how are we supposed to help submitters know what they could improve if we have no way of indicating proper reasons for rejection. How can we learn and adapt when half the reasons are nonsensical and offer little to work from. The messaging is seriously bad and just causes disillusionment from so many.

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Yeah, the rejection reasons cited in emails can be pretty unhelpful. If you would be willing to post the nomination that was rejected and the supporting info you submitted, I may be able to help you figure out what happened.