Rejected...but no reason?

I’m new to this so go easy please but any reason why this has been rejected? It would be nice if they gave a reason as if it’s something small I could just change and resubmit!

I believe I am looking at an email where you appealed something that had been rejected, not a rejected appeal?

I also submitted an appeal where it did not show the original rejection reason there.

When you get the decision email, it will clearly say whether it was accepted (Congratulations,) or rejected (Unfortunately,). You will be able to see why they rejected it in your contributions page - if they do.

Sorry I accidentally screenshot the appeal rather than the initial rejection which just said “Wayfarer Criteria” so hopefully will get a reason if/when they reject the review.

Thank you

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I do hope they explain to you if they reject the appeal. I have found that most “Wayfarer Criteria” rejections seem to track back to a rejection from “our team” and is usually because the ML model can’t detect anything it has been taught is acceptable in the photo. I would love to know the result of your appeal if you don’t mind sharing. It is very hard to get a photo of a green space that gives it a distinct visual anchor.

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