Cannot find No Duplication button

Hi Could someone please help me?

I cannot find No Duplication button on review page, so the submit button grey out and cannot complete it.
How can I solve this issue?

Hi @EmuEmu
Welcome to the forum :hugs:
You don’t need this button. If there’s no duplicate, than you can go on with your review at the other questions.


Thank you! I could submit my review!

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Hello! Can I ask you a question? On the lightship website it says there is a Report button at the bottom of the wayspot tag, but I can’t find it. So how to report a wayspot in the Niantic Wayfarer app???

Hi @toicfngoquyen
I’m no user of this app, so I have sadly no clue.
But to report a wayspot you can also use the link on the head of this forum.

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I don’t think normal players are supposed to use the Wayfarer app, but we can report invalid items in the games. I only play PoGo, so I dont know how it works elsewhere but in Go if you click on the waypoint, and find the top right arrow, then the top right 3 dots, you get this menu, which has the option to suggest changes, or report something invalid. You have to be close to the waypoint to do this though.

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