Cant see POI's on Pokemon go nomination map

For some reason when I’m nominating a new POI trough Pokemon GO, I cant see other POI’s near my location. This makes it hard to know if my POI is a duplicate if it isn’t a pokestop.

Anyone know a fix for this?

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Normally there’s a toggle in the bottom left (highlighted in red) to turn it off or on.

I have previously seen reports of some users simply not having this toggle. If that applies to you, you need to file a bug report in Pokémon Go through the support chat (and not here, as it’s a bug specific to the Pokémon Go app).

There appears to be bug that is causing this. I am moving this to the bug reports section.

Can you tell us what language you use for your PGO app?

My Pokemon GO app is in English and the map that displays when submitting is in Finnish, and i have toggled my thingy in the lower left corner.

I’ll be trying to file a bug report to Pokemon GO

Please let us know what they answer you to this bug. Alse, when reporting, make sure to let them know you tried absolutely everything or they will just give you automatic answers!

Oh, interesting. It never occured to me that the map would be in a different language from the app. Yes, i think this is related to the map being not English. We have reported it.

This issue resolved for me when I logged in to a different device. Worth a shot.

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The nearby wayspots only show up within around 100 metres of where you’re physically located at the point you open the submission map. If you move the map away from where you are, it won’t show you wayspots in the area you move it to. Just checking in case that’s what you’re doing, as I know some people expect it to update when they move the map, and it doesn’t do that.

Not the issue in my case, I’ve had it working a while ago and just noticed when trying to nominate a library at my campus that has dozens of POI’s and wondered why they weren’t showing at all on the map.

I think is related with a bug already reported, is not a case of ignorance.

@vilukissa If you need to check the nomination map with the wayspots please put your mobile device language in English, that will fix the bug temporarily until they completely fix this bug (don’t expect this to be soon)


Changed my OS language to English and now works fine, thank you!


Yep as described above it is a bug occurring with many non-English system languages, whether they have a Pokémon GO translation or not. To our knowledge, it appeared right after the “blank map bug” was fixed.