Can't Submit a Pokestop Period

The game is so buggy on my phone that even in normal gameplay it glitches out at random. Trying to submit a Pokestop is impossible. It glitches out when I either try to take a picture or browse for a photo on my phone. When I say glitches out. Pokemon Go exits and I need to restart the software.

Quote un quote according to Google you can submit a Pokeshop through a website instead but I can’t seem to find a link to that site.

You cannot submit through a website.

There is a long standing bug where trying to take the photos for a wayspot within Pokémon Go will cause the game to crash. This typically happens on Android devices and it’s suspected that it’s a memory issue. Usually the workaround is to use existing photos that you’ve taken outside the app, but if you’re saying this is also failing, then that’s obviously an issue.

Can you make sure your phone’s cache is cleared, and that when you’re trying to submit a wayspot using existing photos that Pokémon Go is the only app you have running? That might help make it work, but if it doesn’t I’m not sure what to suggest.


The “Wayfarer App” is not to be used by players and anything submitted through that is unlikely to be used in any Niantic game. And is being deprecated anyway, whatever that means:

You can try lowering resolution of your photos.