Category description exceeds display space for "Wayspot Appeals"

In the list I see this text for Wayspot Appeals , which runs out before finishing the sentence about what you can do in this channel. I can’t find a way to see the entire description by clicking anywhere. Can this be reworded to fit?

I am able to see the entire text in a popup box when I hover over the category tag for an existing post.


It does appear that the text is taken from the main pinned post that @NianticTintino posted:

I agree that it could use some shortening. I don’t know if nomination appeals need mentioning, as most know to appeal a rejected nomination through Contribution Management. The most recent change has been to the edits, and we still see some posting those in Wayspot Appeals.

Where do you see this pinned post? I don’t see one when I am looking at the Wayspot Appeals category.

I can see it from your link, but I can’t find it without it.

Lol and look at the message underneath

in General Discussion I can see two pinned posts.

But in Wayspot Appeals I can’t see any pins

nvm found it at the BOTTOM

I still think that the description needs to be shortened

You don’t see the pin next to the lock and “About the Wayspot Appeals catergoy” post? You literally just posted a screenshot of said pinned post in Wayspot Appeals. :roll_eyes:

I can’t sort it so that it brings the pin to the top

i found it after scrolling to the bottom of the category

a pin should be at the top

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I posted a screenshot of the description that does not have the entire statement which is why i started this post to be able to find how to see the whole statement

Pinned posts only show if you have Latest selected, for some odd reason.

When you click on the pinned post, which is the post I included previously, you see the full information for Wayspot Appeals.

i have tried it both ways as i shared with screenshots

Do you see something I have different than you have?

You don’t have New to choose from. It could be something in your preferences that you have to change.

Do you see something here set wrong?

(I am a little old lady who does not use forums. I really appreciate your help with this if you can’t tell.)

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Unfortunately, i’m about 20 years behind on tech myself. Forums usually are the easiest things these days.


@NianticTintino please edit this link so that the description does not overflow the text box for Wayspot Appeals . I don’t think I am the only one who isn’t seeing the pinned post explaining the category.

I also have no pinned posts there.
A few days ago I read a comment where someone assumed, that if you have read it, it get unpinned for you.
But idk if it’s right

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Yes, that’s the idea. You can also control this in your settings if you prefer them not to become unpinned after you read the category (your profile > preferences > interface), but many people don’t want the clutter.

(actually @cyndiepooh this setting appears to be at least part of what you are experiencing, for the rest I don’t have an answer right now but surely one of the more forum savvy ambos will when they are awake)

Savvy Ambo to the rescue (?)
I don’t know if I’m understanding the problem with the pins. I made the pins to stay pinned for the next 1000 years (this is not a joke, there is an option) for everybody. As @Xenopus commented, there is an option that makes the pins go unpinned after you read them.
If this happened to you and want them to be pinned again you have to click on them.
@cyndiepooh you have to click here and it will become pinned again

When a topic is pinned it will shows as @DTrain2002 screenshot

Also, I think you can pin other topic that weren’t pinned by Ambos or Admins but they will be pinned just for you. I expect this explanation helped someone.


AHA! The pointy part on my pin was pointing UP but to have the pinned post at the top, the pointy part needs to point DOWN. I had no idea you could set this option.

The pinned post still needs to be adjusted so that people can read the full description. But at least I can find it now.