Chasing Pavements


Waymarking - Poi around the world

HMDB - Local, national and global history

All trails - Global maps and info

StreetArtCities- Street art around the world

UNESCO World Heritage

Memorial benches


Canmore - Scotland’s archaeology, buildings, industrial and maritime heritage

Geograph- Mapping every square km of the UK

Wales and England’s national trails

Scotland’s Great Trails

Scotland’s Listings and Historic Environment

English Heritage and listings

UK ghost signs

National Cycle Network

Ldwa - Long distance walks

ArtUK - Searchable database of over 300,000 works

National Library of Scotland - Maps

Magic - Interactive maps

National Trust - Archeological sites and historic buildings

Dracos - Find a postbox

Milestone Society - Milestone maps

London’s blue plaques

Metadyne - Parish boundary, Milestones and Property Marks in London

Police, phone and sentry boxes

Archwilio - Welsh archeological and historic sites

NI Historic Environment

Historic Wales

Pillboxes and defensive structures



Republic of Ireland

Buildings of Ireland


POP - Heritage database


Heritage database


NPS - Historic sites

NHL - National Historic Landmarks


A place to find and add either a global or national link to a searchable database. Links are in the first post.

Feel free to add a link below that leads to a database rather than an individual item and I’ll edit it into your country in the first post.

Dunno if that’s necessarily the right link to post, but the LDWA are a good source of trail maps and information in the UK


I don’t know if this lists trails outside the US. I have used it when people nominate things that are “famous landmarks” on trails but could also just be natural features. If this website mentions the feature as something people encounter and take photos of, then I’ll accept it as a POI


Super useful, I use some of these but was not aware of a few. Thank you very much!

A couple of of other map sites I have bookmarked :

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Brilliant :hugs:
Idk if that fits to your collection, but for “Stolpersteine” (global) I always start with this wikipedia page, where all cities are linked with an own list:


At some point I think you’ll want to update the $SUBJECT a bit. I skipped over the initial post because I didn’t know what it was about.


Thanks but the human tolerance for clicking links maxes out at two so I thought it better to keep it simple. I updated the second post :slight_smile:

I would be very careful with the Wikipedia list itself as usually people who fake these in Wayfarer also fake entries on the wikipedia list.

The linked local lists of the cities are better as no one can vandalize them


Good point!
I regulary use it as start point to navigate into the city lists but it is important to mention that.

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is there any way to pin a topic for yourself? this is absolutely awesome!

You can use the bookmark.

Then tap on your avatar to see this menu to retrieve your bookmarks



Extended Defence of Britain Database Map of UK pillboxes and the like.

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Global map of memorial benches


29,000 in the UK at a low guesstimate of £500 each is a nice Christmas night out for the local councillors🫣

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