Tipps for the wayfarer challenge

The new announcement Global Reviewer Challenge - Race Around the World! bring me to create this topic.

And I want to invite all natives from Japan, USA and Germany or in this countries experienced wayfarer to post some country specifical tipps, advices or even “this is common stuff here”.

It would be helpful, if you could flag it for which country you do it, so I/we can find it more easy.

I’m interested in things like:




trail markers vary so widely that I’m not even sure how useful it is to share some as you’re not likely to see any like them during the challenge. there is some consistency for markers within nation parks/forests but then you have state parks, county parks, city parks and more that often each have their own style.
but since you’ve asked


Thanks for this post - it’s always useful to think about these aspects.
As the focus is on edits perhaps some insight into some common edits and if there is anything that might make them challenging for those not familar.
For example what translation tool works best?
Any useful resources for checking locations.
I don’t expect photos to be issue.

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Here’s the link to the thread about that one church with a large number of title/description edits in the US:

Is someone spamming Church of Latter Day Saints edits?

We don’t know what exactly is going on with these title/description edits for this church, but once we get to the US, you may see a good number of them.

You may see title/description edits in the US in other languages other than English, with Spanish being the most often seen. Keep in mind that the language used for title/description is not limited to the official or most used language in each country, as long as the title/description is accurate. A good example is Wayspots in Puerto Rico, a US territory, with some titles/descriptions in English and others in Spanish, the 2 main languages spoken there.

Some English title/description edits may simply be correcting grammar, such as adding capitalization and/or punctuation. ML just accepted a title edit I did yesterday for a church; it was listed as “St Pauls” when the correct grammar (and name on their sign) is “St Paul’s.”

Now, proper grammar is not required, but don’t be surprised if you see edits like this; you may even see them in Spanish and German. However, if you do want to check grammar, there are free online grammar checkers, such as LanguageTool, QuillBot, Scribbr, etc., and they do check grammar for several different languages.


I wouldn’t worry about it too much yourself, @Xenopus and @kawin240 will be too busy answering my questions about Deutsch title and description edits to do any reviews.

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Maybe is just me but I had my bonus location in Germany for weeks and I didn’t have too many problems with the language (I have 0 knowledge of it). DeepL works very well with the translations.

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No doubt. Less fun and less interactions with other people that way though :slight_smile:

Emily is already devising plans to destroy us, we should stick together.

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I appreciate the trust but my German really sucks :wink:

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  1. Nouns and names are capitalized (eg der Baum, das Haus)
  2. Verbs and adjectives are written in lower case

To make it a bit more exact…
In a sentence you write every noun capitalized, not in each word (if they’re putting together)!


Baumhaus :+1:
BaumHaus :-1:


OMG. Can you imagine if English speakers pick all the wrong edits because we are not used to capitalizing all nouns? I know it looks weird to me.

The Japan Challenge has already started, but I share my article when I wrote the last Japan Challenge.


ありがとう ございました


I had trouble reading the main picture of a sign correctly but I just skipped it :slight_smile:

Thank you! I had a nomination for one of those cute raccoon statues and wouldn’t know it was mass-produced!

Is advertisment tube in Germany is an eligible Wayspots?

I need to re-read tips from the past challenge, but the forum is gone.

Hi @4sqa
You mean “Litfaßsäule”?


Yes, I think they can be a good wayspot. But not every.
There’re two sorts of Litfaßsäulen.
The first one is fullcovered with advertisment.
The second sort is for infos about cultural or artical events. The second I would accept, if the submitter gives a bit effort in it. Because you can inform you and your friends about local events (sometimes country wide).

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