City and Village

Yes, It’s name of village. I will try. I tried with this yellow post box, but it was rejected.

I’m added Krzyż and Kościół couple years ago, but I don’t see raids there from my part of village.

These are a bit outside of the village but they might help or at least inspire some exploration.

I found another bulletin board. This one is nearer to Letniki on the road which has Street View available.

And there’s this object which looks like a survey stone or milestone of some kind.

For context it’s located roughly at the X on this map:

I’m not sure what it is, or if it’s on public land or not, but this could be something to look into. If it is old and it’s owned by the village or the government, maybe there are more of them around? Maybe it’s a historic marker of some kind?

I will try to add these places when I go on a bike trip. But these places is much more further than what You found first. I tried add this, but it was rejected.

In this place:

@aliccolo Do You think this thing can be wayspot?

Possibly, yes, especially if you can find some information about it to explain to the reviewers. Old milestones/boundary markers can make good places for exploration. If you’re not sure what the stone is or how long it’s been there, perhaps you have a neighbor who has an idea about it? It could possibly work even if you can’t find an extensive history. Just give as much information as you can in the supporting information section, and take a great supporting photo to show the surroundings so that those reviewing your nomination can get an idea for the area. Also, I would say in the supporting information section that Google Street View isn’t available in most of the village, so it can be difficult for the reviewers to confirm the location. Sometimes it’s easier to get out ahead of that, if that makes sense. A great supporting photo which shows the surroundings can absolutely help to show the reviewers that it’s real, tangible, and permanent.

Bad news is my closest pokestop was delete I don’t know why😢

@aliccolo Thanks, I will try with this stone.

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Thanks for “helping” me. After adding this topic 2 pokestops in my village disappeared.

That’s very disappointing. Maybe one of the ambassadors or someone who can check the Lightship map can give some insight as to whether they’re deleted or if something else is going on.

@paulingzubat I’m tagging you because you were in this thread earlier, but perhaps someone else has more of an idea why the Wayspots vanished. Thanks in advance.

Can’t see the birdhouse wayspot on Lightship currently. It likely has been reported for being on SFPRP based on the comments in this thread. No idea where the other removed one is or what it was. I see three wayspots: the church, a sculpture, and some kind of workout equipment.

I’ve already posted the CCC for Private Residences & Farmlands. If the removal is not accurate, you can appeal restoration in Wayspot Appeals although you will need to revisit how it meets the eligibility criteria, permanence, and proof why the removal is inaccurate.

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