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What’s wrong with my wayspot? In cities I saw many not important pokestops. I saw category "birdhouse"so I add my birdhouse, but every time I got rejected.

The “categories” are not a list of things that are eligible. If you keep reading you will see fire stations and elementary schools listed.

Wayfarer criteria is a GREAT place for exploration, exercise, or being social. I don’t believe a birdhouse like this meets those.


Maybe It’s not great place, but I saw also pokestops in middle of nowhere and it wasn’t rejected, so what is problem with this pokestop. Here people cycling sometimes so it is good place. Maybe not so great like parks in the middle of cities, but also good.

Edit: It is far from fire station and school or other forbidden places.

Did your email say “our team” made the decision instead of a “community” decision? That particular rejection reason is usually seen on rejections by the Machine Learning ai that Niantic uses. It typically seems to mean that the ML model did not detect anything in the photo that met criteria.

Comparing to other Wayspots is a bad way to look at what to nominate. Things could have been accepted in error, or under different criteria. If you truly believe this birdhouse meets any criteria, you can try to take a photo that is more focused on the birdhouse with less background and resubmit it.

I do not normally accept birdhouses. We should not be bringing people to disturb the birds. I could be persuaded to accept with a very convincing reason that assures me these are meant to be visited, but I can’t think what that would be to suggest to you.


Yes, I got “our team” message. This birdhouse is high so people not disturb them and normal traffic here is couple bicycles of day, so I think it’s not problem for birds. Thanks for information about mechanical learning. Normally I added foto I shot in wayspot creator, so It can’t be close enough, because of high-located birdhouse. I will try take a foto before adding wayspot.

Is this at a park area? I don’t think this particular item will get a positive vote, but I wonder what else is there?

Any viewpoints, benches, park signage, noticeboards, nature signs, plaques, wood carvings, trails, play equipment?

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I looked up the address from the screenshot. Sometimes those are off a bit, but it looks like the birdhouse is also on single family private residential property to me if I have found the correct location, which also disqualifies it. With the nearby portal, I see why you would have thought this was eligible.

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It’s on the border of private area, but people normally cycling 1-2 meters next to the tree and birdhouse.

Edit: Typically people cycling here:

No, it’s not park it’s more like farm area, but here is dirt road.

A birdhouse is a terrible wayspot. Drawing crowds to it ruins it - birds won’t want to nest with people and their noises around. They might even abandon eggs or babies there.

It was put there to help birds. Making it a wayspot ruins the work someone did to put it there, and harms the bird population.


As long as I remember birdhouses were rejected because they be seen as mass products.
Here I found a statement from Aaron:


It’s small village, I saw 3-4 people playing Pokemon Go, so I think it’s not so bad for birds and we don’t have many different things to nominate as wayspot.

It’s a shame that birdhouses aren’t considered good as pokestops. We don’t have many good places here.

In this thread you need @aliccolo.
@aliccolo a rural needs help

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@aliccolo if you have some advice or something, please help

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I’m exploring on Street View right now :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll post some ideas here shortly!


I think streetview can’t help to much. It is available only in centre of our cottage.

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@RojKa it may help if you can mark off the locations that are ineligible, start exploring from what locations are allowed after that. You can see a shortlist of the allowed and not allowed locations from the tooltip (i) under Appropriate in the review page. Would note where private property exclusively applies.

I also highlight this

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I’m just noticing that too. I’m zoomed in on the Aleja Libowa w Zabrowie (sorry for misspelling the name, I’m not sure how to make the proper accent on my phone :sweat_smile:) park area to see if I can spot some trail markers or something inside.

I did spot this notice board:

I can’t tell if it’s something run by the village or whose property it is on. If it’s public, this could be a potential Wayspot.

There’s also this sign for the bar that might work. Do they also serve food? Are people of all ages able to access the area? If so, this is a really cool sign that potentially could work:

The downside is is that it looks like they may both share a cell with the Kryz stop (again, my apologies for the typo, I cannot find the right accent mark on my phone.)

Now I don’t know about if this would be acceptable, but there’s also the village name sign which maybe in this case could qualify?

Is there a village hall of some sort? Like a place for the residents to gather and discuss upcoming events? If so that could definitely be a potential Wayspot.


I LOVE that you did that. :+1:

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