Clarification Needed on AI & Wayfaring Agreements

Recently, several of my nominations from early this year were quickly resolved, seemingly by AI, as suggested by an email confirmation from the team. While I’m thrilled about the expedited process, I am concerned about whether all participants who voted on these nominations are receiving their due agreements. I’m worried that Wayfarers might be missing out on agreements and upgrades. I need clarification on this issue. Thank you.


Same! I was so excited to see a wave of emails with “Congratulations, our team has decided to accept your Wayspot nomination” come through yesterday and today. But some of those had been in community voting, and I wonder if the reviewers will still get their agreements on those.


@NianticTintino @NianticThibs can you help with this please


upgrades are jus about useless now. The nominations you apply them to jus sit in queue, not even pulled into voting.

People should be happy they don’t have to review incredibly easy/ auto approve-able nominations. But instead they’re not happy about NOT having to do work a machine can do…

The weird thing is, EmiLy seems to be taking a large load off of reviewers, but everything seems to be going even slower than ever (if EmiLy is not involved).

People not motivated to review as much, esp if they’re the type who can’t get their easy approvals…

“Does that count as an agreement for those of us who already wasted our time reviewing it?” - If a decision is made for a particular nomination by Niantic, it does not contribute towards Agreements.

Looking forward to clarification from Niantic on ML pulled nominations, specially.


Getting another wave of “our team” decisions that I assume were due to the ML model - yay! But some of those had been in community voting. I hope the reviewers who had already seen this had a chance at earning an agreement.


Feel like this is worth a reply from the team.