Community garden

So! I’ve nominated this stop 3 times now but it keeps getting REJECTED. I’m not sure why or what I’m doing wrong. This is a community garden. It does meet all the requirements for a pokemon stop. So why does it keep getting rejected. Yes its surround by apartments but it has lots of access to the public and people can come from the street to spin this stop. Tell what I’m doing wrong. It’s a garden open for ALL. It’s approachable from the streets.

I used the bottom 2 photo’s as my primary/secondary.

The title of the stop is called
Littlest Community Garden

For the rejection it says this
Rejection Criteria

It would help to know what pictures you’re using as primary/secondary, what your title/description/supporting is, and what rejection reasons you’ve gotten.

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Also, “Littlest Community Garden” isn’t a great name for this. Feel free to call it Wildwood Community Garden or use the name of the street its on. You want a way to make it unique.


I did an image search of the 1st image, found it’s from Street View, and it appears this is located on the grounds of the Wildwood Apartments at 47.76977001636638, -122.30115182536281, with the garden being around 47.76870222506179, -122.30021975003466, which is the 2nd photo from satellite view.

The supporting photo isn’t very good, as it just shows the road, Ballinger Way NE I believe, and it really does look like any road; it really doesn’t place the garden in the area. Showing more of what is on the complex grounds, such as the nearby buildings near Ballinger Way, would help place it better.

I might title this as the Wildwood Community Garden or Wildwood Apartments Community Garden, being that’s where the garden is located. I don’t know what you provided for the description and supporting info text, but I’d make sure to note that it is a permanent fixture, as some may see this as a seasonal garden, especially where it’s located.

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I can’t fathom reveiwers calling this seasonal or temporary with a fence around it.

When you live somewhere where gardening is done by November and might not start again until May, you have a different perspective. Some reviewers may need info in the description and/or supporting info that, even if there might not be plants growing here all year, it’s still a nice place to check out, maybe even take a break on the bench.

However, I know that this area has different weather than where I live, and the gardening season may be quite different, so I wouldn’t view it based on the area’s weather.

Take an outdoor skating rink at a local park, one where the boards are permanent. Some could see this a being seasonal, only being used in winter months. However, these rinks get used in the warmer months for a variety of activities, mainly kids playing other games. I used to live near one used for dog agility course training and contests frequently.

Way too many reviewers view “Seasonal” or “Temporary” incorrectly.


I completely second this. The title needs to be Wildwood Community Garden

If it’s a community garden then it really needs a citation to say so, else it could be anything including private property.