Small local garden

Ive tred subtrimittkng this a few times and its been rejected every time, ive called it local community garden, peace garden, broomhill small park. Every time its rejecyed for not meeting criteria, but i beleive its at leadt a place of interest. Unfortunelty theres no signage at it

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I am trying a local green space which contains a play area and a nature reserve - I think the green space itself would be a good waypoint too in addition to the playground but it also has no signage…

I would say your area is a valid waypoint too. This is what I’m trying to submit, lol, I am certain it’ll be rejected but oh well

Just thinking more, are those 2 low bars balance bars? Maybe try to submit those as exercise equipment? Ive found those kinds of submissions rarely get rejected. Its not quite the same as the park area but at least something?

You don’t need a sign but you need to show it’s an appropriate space.
I think the photo is what is going to be crucial. It’s nicely landscaped maybe something where the benches dominate in foreground and the rest of the garden can seen?
If you can find a listing on Glasgow website it would help. There might be something on the home builders - Crudden- website, ideally you want the plans tgat show the space as a communal garden. Can’t quite find it yet.


They might have been or small benches, i cant remember now lol, i plan tk go and resubmit it tomorrow

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I’ll bet trillions of hectares are landscaped. That doesn’t make them all waypoint-worthy. Most it’s just to give “curb appeal” as you walk or drive by. Not meant as a destination. Not built for socializing.

Maybe you’ve found a gem - you’ll need to prove it’s more than just landscaping done just to increase sales.

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Local Community Garden with faux footbridge. And nominate that as the POI Object. You could try that :slight_smile: I think it should pass.

I tried to searching on line but cannot find any reference to the community park. As that would help.

And what are the square blocks at one end. Meeting place. Or kids balancing blocks. Or Sculptures?

It is clearer designed as a place to go to - so a place to explore. Good luck Gazza

Looks like a decent submission as it has /things/ in the garden.

Initial impression though is bad, from the photos

  • main photo has too much external stuff. Don’t include the road and try to minimise the houses. Hold the phone higher up!

  • supporting photo needs to show the submission in context. I can’t tell where the submission is in the supporting photo. Simplest to take a closeup photo for the main and then walk back a bit for the supporting.

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To be clear, the photos i uploaded on here are from google streetview lol, my submissions i did inside the garden

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How did it go? And what did you use… I know I would have used the fake footbridge :slight_smile:

I appealed it and they accepted it, only got it passed on thursday lol


Yay! Im so glad it worked out

Great stuff