Concrete or cement street signs

Cañon City, CO is a small city about an hour away from me, and I get a lot of submissions from there to review. Someone has been sending in their concrete corner markers as wayspot submissions - a LOT of them. I’ve been rejecting them as not distinct. While they’re not in every city, there is a whole neighborhood there where they are on literally every corner.

The last time I got one, I looked at nearby stops and 2 or 3 had been approved and are in the game. I rejected this one as well as not distinct, by seeing those others in the game have me thinking that maybe I’m missing some nuance here. What would the community here do? The image I’m attaching is one in Texas from a google search. The ones in Cañon are very similar.


Sorry, by corner markers I meant street corner marker or street signs, just in case that’s not clear.

Many of these street corner markers are historical, used before what we know of as street signs began to be used, so they can be distinct; on Street View here, there are regular street signs nearby on top of stop signs. This city was part of the Pike’s Peak gold rush in the late1850s and early 1860s, and its downtown is on the National Register of Historic Places. I’d guess that some, over time, has been destroyed, so there may be few still around.

However, the issue with these may be if they are on private property or at a school, next to a fire hydrant, etc. Looking on Street View around this city, most of these do see to be in residential neighborhoods, some even next to fire hydrants.


I have seen these used in cemeteries as well but of course apply Wayfarer guidelines to them.

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