Cooldown Challenge

Hello, i just got hit with a 24-hour cooldown even tho i just completed an edit and skipped the next one? I didn’t do anything for like 12 hours before that. Idk what i did wrong to get a cooldown after not even 2 reviews?

the wording is 24 hours but should only last 30 minutes. i will find that link explaining that and edit it in

@Trayes3 please confirm you can review again in 30 minutes

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Well i created this topic an hour ago and still can’t, so idk, did i do anything wrong. My rating is still on great

@NianticTintino can you check on this please?

Thanks for the tag @cyndiepooh.

@Trayes3 you should be good now. Can you check and let me know if the cooldown is still active.


Well, thank you for your help. I’m still on cooldown :frowning:


Can you post a screenshot please to show you are on cooldown still to show the team?

It’s in german but yea, no problem

Thank you for the screenshot. Can you try once more? I just confirmed it was removed and no longer see it on your account. Let me know if it still doesn’t work and I shall escalate it to the team. Thanks!

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Ehm well, i shall be in your care

may i ask what i should do with the location edits where there are no pictures at all?
report or just say that i couldn’t identify the spot?

Your question has nothing to do with the topic here, so that is probably why no one has responded, but fwiw, I would check the box for “unable to find appropriate location” and move on. If there are no photos, you are probably seeing placeholder photos for databases Niantic imported to add game locations. When the person who submitted the edit gets back the rejected move, they will be able to appeal it with evidence.

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Ehm to the ones who helped me here, after sleeping for four hours, i now can review again, so thank you


Glad it finally worked :+1:

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