Review Error Message

I wish to bring to your attention a minor inconvenience regarding the Reviewing tool. Approximately 20 minutes into the process, I encounter the following error message: “A cooldown has been activated.” This cooldown period spans 2 hours.

I want to emphasize that I am diligently reviewing submissions and not bypassing any of them and not rejecting them without consideration. The only plausible issue I can identify is the pace at which I review submissions. However, due to the nature of the submissions I primarily receive—such as location accuracy or name alterations—I find it challenging to adjust my reviewing speed.

Could this matter be addressed in a manner that avoids imposing a 2-hour cooldown period for every 20 minutes of activity?

Thank you

Thank you for flagging this. Take your time and review each segment on its own merit. Read this article for tips on how to review each section: Niantic Wayfarer - Niantic Wayfarer

That wasn’t helpful. My problem is, put it shortly, that i am getting a cooldown period for being too fast in reviewing when the nature of the review is at fast pase.
What can i do to avoid being suspended for 2 hours ?
Obviously without sacrificing too much of my time.


I get those too if I try to do a “proper review session”. So I stopped doing that. I do just 5 to 10 mins now or even just a handful of reviews at a time and don’t get cooldowns. I concluded Niantic doesnt want much of my time taken up with this and/or dislikes people who can read quickly :wink:

I understand the issue… it takes seconds to glance at 3 pictures of a playground or statue and decide they are all valid, and hit the “all pictures meet criteria” button. If you get a lot of those kinds of small edit reviews, you naturally go fast.

Same as if you get a lot of easy reviews like churches or playgrounds that are obvious from the satellite map and in sparse areas where theres no duplicate options to check! It goes fast even if you’re being careful.