Why have i cooldown now?

I didn’t do much reviews today, but suddenly the cooldown 24 hours was applied. What’s the problem??

I uploaded a picture to the stop today, and asked for a location correction for the stop, but I only did 1 or 3 reviews.

Niantic does not reveal the mechanics behind their cooldown algorithm. All they tell us is to slow down and make sure we are reviewing each place as accurately as possible.

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I can’t understand I’ve never seen a case like this while reviewing more than 6000 pocket stops. Even the candidates who reviewed today did it correctly, but it’s absurd that it’s a cooldown. Does uploading photos also affect the cooldown?

Actions from submitting anything not in the wayfarer website do not affect your cooldowns.

24 hours cooldowns were also happening sometimes when you let reviews time out too often instead of returning back to the main menu and then closing the website. Idk if it still can cause it

thanks bro . I often open wayfarer sites and closed them under review, but I think this is the reason