Could a Niantic employee Please HELP

I dont know where to go anymore so ill post here as a hail mary that someone who can actually help will see this.

I have submitted two different batches of nominations. The first batch took over a YEAR to resolve. The last batch i submitted in July of last year and they just resolved this month.

Here are some issues that are really killing my efforts besides that major one:

  • I had two stop nominations next to each other, one for a basketball court and one for a handball wall with a mural on it. Instead of niantic doing anything with those nominations, they stuck a random pokestop between the two spots, and just labeled it as a generic park name that wasnt correct (as part of their random pokestop proliferation a while back). When i complained about the random company proliferated stop taking away from player submitted stops they took the title and pic from my basketball court submission and put it on their proliferated stop (as opposed to removing their stop and allowing my submissions to resolve). So, because of that, their submission was too close to my handball mural submission, that was accepted when it resolved but wont appear in game because of its proximity to the company generated stop. I attempted to re-submit with a moved pver location, and after 10 months that stop came back as a “duplicate”.

  • In this last batch i had submitted two different murals that were done by the same artist. One was on a wall and the other was on a telephone pole. The one that was on the wall got accepted (again, after ten months). The one that was on the telephone pole got denied because it was “not permanent”. I appealed saying that it was permanent, it was installed by an artist, and after 10 months it was still there. I could take a picture of it again for them cause it was still there. The appeal was denied because they said that it “wasnt a relevant mural” and that if they are mistaken then i could resubmit it with added detail. The one on the wall didnt need more detail. And i would resubmit if it didnt take 10 months to over a year to resolve.

Its just obnoxious. Its taken so long to build a “playground” in the neighborhood for the local community. I learned the rules, i learned the cell system, i picked good relevant spots, i took good pics and gave details. And it just takes waaaay too long to resolve to flesh it all out. Who can i talk to about:

  1. the process not taking 10 months to a year.

  2. the appeals process not shutting down after 1 appeal.

  3. the rejection of the appeals being so arbitrary. The people resolving appeals just make one off assumptions and shut it down instead of asking questions and getting to the truth of the matter.

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That sounds like a “courts of the world” import from back when they had NBA All World running. They don’t show up in Ingress at all and they were generally low quality imports, having titles that were often vague or incorrect, no descriptions and no pictures. They were often not always placed in the right location either. Some were on the middle of the court, some were not anywhere near the court, and very few were on either the entrance or the basket. If the existing wayspot is in the middle of the court or not on it at all, you can request a location edit to either the entrance to the court (if it’s enclosed by a fence) or one of the baskets (if it isn’t enclosed), as those are both examples of good wayspot placements for such locations.


Nominations have gotten faster in the past few months.

Could you share name, description, pictures, and supporting info on the mural that was rejected?

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Those pics have all the details, including the rejections. If you look in the bottom right corner of the art you will see “DC” which is the artists signature. It is the same DC at the bottom of the blue wall mural (which was accepted and i also attached a pic of that). She installed a bunch of those murals in the neighborhood and each one signifies a different aspect of the neighborhood’s history.

I will also say it’s really ironic that this was rejected because it is “generic” and “has no significance” when a) it has a lot of significance to the neighborhood and b) there are soooo many pieces of street art that are currently approved that are just random tags. One of my favorites is a tag involving a mouse holding an old timey cartoon bomb, and the person who submitted it labeled the stop “tick tick boom”. What significance does a mouse with a bomb have? None. But its still a pokestop.

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Yeah, reviewers don’t like printed stickers. Can you find a city website saying it’s an art project, and each is one-of-a-kind? YOU might know there’s only one, but others don’t.

Here’s an appeal result I got, that even says so.

Unfortunately looks like a sticker , I’ve seen many nominations trying to pass as art on the floor when they are just stickers.

As for the artist - the signature can be easily copied . Also many artists generally keep their work in a way where it can last for a long time - but in this case looks like something is covered over it . Like above said - they should have a website that lists the art . Sadly, the one on the wall looks legit but the one on the pole doesn’t

Really wish niantic would just delete those. Recently had one basketball court nomination get rejected twice over it. 1st time by reviewers somehow thinking it was on school grounds…when the nearest school is a couple blocks away… :roll_eyes: then again by appeal for being a dupe, even though that’s based off terrible, low quality imports that should really have stayed exclusive to all world from the start.

That, or imported waypoints should be eligible for outright replacement by player nominations if applicable.


I believe that you’re referring to “Handball Courts Liney Ditch Park”. I see that both the nominations were approved. This nomination is not eligible to appear in Pokémon GO and it was not because of the ingested Wayspot. Each game has its own set of density and inclusion rules and only the Wayspots that meet those criteria appear in games.

We have taken steps to reduce the turn around time for nominations and it has had a very positive impact.

You get two appeals every 20 days that you can apply on nominations or edit contributions.

The appeal decision in this case was completely in line with our policies and we stand by our decision.



Thank you for responding.

As far as the “density and inclusion rules” go, can there be more clarity on that? I’ve picked locations based on those specific nominations being in their own cell, and even with that i have a handfull of nominations that got approved that arent showing up in game. So, if we are abiding by the rules and cell structures then how are we supposed to know where and what to nominate without it being a waste of time due to density rules we arent privy to?

Also the appeal was not in line with your policies. Or at least you enforce your policies in an arbitrary way. Thay mural piece was made by a local artist. Her name is Danielle Cartier, and here is her website/biography:

And if you go to her public art page youll see this specific piece of art on there (the one i nominated to be a spot but it was rejected because it is on a pole instead of a wall):

Its a permanent art installation made by a local artist that is symbolic of aspects of the history of our neighborhood. Its permanent, and has significance. So what policy are you standing by that makes this not a viable stop nomination?

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Regarding the inclusion rules bit, it seems to be niantic’s policy (correct me if I’m wrong,) that we’re supposed to just nominate stuff if we think it’s eligible, always making the location as accurate as possible, completely ignoring the “inclusion rules” entirely and just hoping that whatever we’re submitting happens to line up to appear in our preferred game(s.)

Which as many people would tell them, is a highly ambitious expectation at best, outright delusional at worst. Of course people are going to try to game the system to get more pokestops / gyms / portals / etc. Most people that start wayfarer do so because they want more waypoints present in the game(s) they play, not because they want to contribute to a nebulous database that most of us barely have access to.

And that’s why the inclusion rules are the worst part of wayfarer. They actively encourage people to abuse the system. You can do everything by the book, put in the effort to nominate something cool, and then get…absolutely nothing for it because of some arbitrary lines.


Giving this a bump so thay Aaron might have a conversation instead of just saying their piece and bouncing.

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Yup, your right - it’s on the website -
Best thing is to also submit a link in the future (even in the game you can send a link) :+1:t2:

The density and inclusion rules in cells is pretty well known as they vary by game.