Help with nomination errors, please!

I need help fixing my mistake. I submitted two nominations in a row, without exiting the upload section on pogo. They both ended up at the same location, which I didn’t realize. The first one to be reviewed approved has the wrong photo, title and description for the location. The one where all the information is accurate was later rejected as a duplicate.
I tried to submit edits for the one in the wrong location (photo, title and description) and they were all rejected.
Can someone at Niantic directly fix my mess? I don’t dare risk an appeal, as that would be my third strike on this massive goof.

Actual location, street view:

Please let me know what can be done. I will supply any additional information that’s needed.

P.S. I may have made this same mistake at a park, and it’s possible a tennis court now shows up where there is actually a basketball court. I haven’t been back to the park since submitting the nominations, so it’s just a hunch based on the fact that I did the two at the same time.

It seems as though the area itself has changed from a shopping mall to more of a medical business plaza, with less shops, as well as a complete name change.

Typically, if there is a change to the Wayspot, such as what it is, Niantic prefers that the current Wayspot be removed, then resubmitted with the current information.

Is it at all possible for Niantic to intervene via this forum? I’m worried that requesting a removal will further complicate the issue.
This is an area that I rarely visit. However, it seems to be popular with other pogo players. Whenever I get close enough to see it on the map, there’s a lure on the stop. As dumb as it is, I’m upset at the prospect of negatively affecting gameplay for strangers through my screw up. I’m also concerned that my unintentional submission of wrong information will be held against me as some form of manipulation of the game.
I tried moving the wayspot to where the sign that matches the information actually exists, but I wasn’t able to do it. The proper location is over on the next block, and can be seen by scrolling on the street view I provided.

If they do, they most likely will tell you the same thing I did. I’ve seen it multiple times. Also, we all make unintended mistakes, and I don’t think this will hurt you; if there was an issue, Niantic would email you.

If the current location of the Wayspot for the shopping mall is over 10 meters, you can use the help chat to request a location edit. PoGo only allows location edits within 10 meaters, and Ingress within 20, so if they are over 10 meters and you’re unable to submit a location edit, help chat can assist. They’ll need the current locoation, as well as where the Wayspot should be moved to.

Wayfarer help chat is located on the website in the bottom right corner of any page. You’ll be given a ticket number, but when there is an update, help chat will show a dot on it.

Actually, I looked up the location on Lightship, and the Wayspot is at the location for the mall sign, not the pharmacy location.

It’s possible that Niantic moved it when you were requesting the title/description changes, or someone else requested a location edit in hep chat.